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surdas's poem: 11

From: kalaivani retnavellu (
Date: Tue Jan 01 2002 - 09:13:22 PST

radhe shyam
namo venkateshaya
jey sita ram

dear bhaagavatas,
adiyal would like 2 begin this posting with best wishes 2 all for this new 
year and 4ever more. :) and now we shall visit our beloved kanna with 


O Hari, 'tis morn, awake, there's water in the jar for you to wash your face 
no need to hurry there's plenty of time.

I'll bring you whatever you like for your breakfast- dried fruits, butter, 
honey and bread.

Says Suradasa, Yashoda's heart overflows with joy when her gaze alights on 
her darling boy.


O Krishna, darling of Gokula, awake

I have brought you milk, curd and sugar-candy come and partake of these 
delicacies: your pals are at the door, calling you to play; the sun has 
risen and it's time to go to the woods.

Hearing her words Krishna joyfully arose and after breakfasting departed for 
the woods Says Suradasa, my heart's always where the Lord is.


Who can contain his joy, say, on seeing the lotus-like lovely face of 
Nanda's darling child when he awakes?

His beauty infatuates sages,and destroys the pride of Kama, it captivates 
the hearts of hundreds of young girls. When he softly smiles the gleam of 
his teeth seems as though rubies have been stringed with pearls.

When my Lord, Nanda's lovely child goes out, says Suradasa, the people of 
Braj are bewitched by his loveliness.

so r all of us. :)
wish u all a very happy new year!

lottsa krishna premai 2 all
radhe govinda
namo narayana
venkateshaya namaha

radhe krishna!

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