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Regarding VirodhiPariharangal related by Acharya Ramanuja

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Date: Mon Dec 31 2001 - 06:40:34 PST

Dear Bhagavatas,

This article pertains to the 83 point protocols related by Ramanujacharyar
to Vangipurattu Nambi as per his request. This is the english translation
of the introduction to the topic of " Virodhi Pariharangal".

	The Omnipotent Sriyahpati, after a long time,  thought of
redeeming the Atmas in the LeelaVibhuti (Recreation Domain) and  repented
for subjecting them to recreational activities. He then desired to subject
them to Bhoga in the BhogaVibhuti i.e. Vaikuntha. Being declared by Vedas
as "Ajaayamaano Bahudha Vijaayate", he took many births and attempted to
correct the Atmas by protection of the meek and punishment of the
violators and establishment of Dharma, but was unsuccessful as the Atmas
were chronically addicted to this Leela Vibhuti due to the God's will. Due
to the karma vaasana the Atmas were reluctant to leave this World and they
did not perceive the hatability of Samsara and on the other hand began to
antagonise with the Lord Himself and drifted afar as mentioned in 'Twam
may aham may '. He proposed to correct the Atmas with the help of similar
Atmas and deputed some from the Nityasuris as Alwars and Acharyas to
correct people by tutoring them. Even these were unsuccessful in their
mission and said ' For this mission, another great person has to
incarnate in this world and fulfill the want of the Lord.' They said
'Kaliyum kedum kandukonmin'  and ' Irul taru maajnaalattul Ini ppiravi
yaan venden' and returned to the Lord's Vaikuntha.

	Then the Lord contemplated on the right person for deputation. He
said "you are the only person that has  the ability to lift the people in
the LeelaVibhuti from their plight and fulfill My wants; as per
'Brahmavaadino vadanthi' and 'aamudalvan ivanenru' you are extolled by the
elders; hence, you alone incarnate and fulfill that need " to the intimate
Tiruvananthalwan as a command  and deputed him for this mission.
Accordingly,  as per "idaiye iraamaanuja muni yaayina innilatte"
incarnating as Ramanuja, he was leading his life.    Sriranganathan
(Periya Perumal), once invited Ramanujar and gave tirtha, prasada and
honourings and as per "tuyararu sudaradi" placed the Tiruvadi on
Ramanuja's head,  and said ' Engage yourself  in the purpose of  your
incarnation of  redeeming all Chetanas and transfering them to the other
bank of the Samsara ocean and stay for long in this temple. I give you the
authority on both the worlds; hereafter, you be 'Udaiyavar' and thus
crowned Ramanuja as the master of  both the Worlds and ordained him. From
then on, Ramanuja dedicated himself  to the mission of  redeeming all the
chetanas. Seeing the plight and suffering of the people due to the
influence of  Kali,as per  ' kaliyirule midaitaru kaalattu' and '
sirukaliyaal varundiya jnalattai vanmaiyinaal vandeduttavan engal
iramanujan'  etc, he found a solution to the plight by his divine
knowledge and coming with a big retinue of  Srivaishanavas, worshipped the
feet of Sriranganathan, and as per 'appodoru sindai saidu',  thought of a
plan and was elated and returned to the Monastery and was seated in an
assemblage. Then, Vangipurattu Nambi stood up and with great humility fell
at the feet of Ramanuja. When Ramanuja asked 'why this, Nambi', he got up
and  told  ' we, your servant class, are suffering in this cruel world from
many births due to karma vaasana and have been trapped in the many obstacles
to our swaroopa as taught by you. Kindly teach us  clearly regarding the
obstacles to our Atma swaroopa, remedies for the obstacles, method of
enhancing the swaroopa of the Atmas. Then Ramanuja was greatly pleased and
related the 83 point VirodhiParihaarangal to Vangipurattu Nambi in the
great assemblage. As such, this information is to be learnt and practised
by every Srivaishnava who had pancha samskara.

(The full list and its commentary run to about 68 pages. Hence it is made
into a PDF file in english and uploaded in the my site

All bhakthas, desirous of reading the last commandments of Ramanujar and
their commentary may browse and download from the website.

Ramanuja dasan

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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