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Part XVII: Swamy Desikan's Taathparya RathnAvaLi: 122nd SlOkam ( ThiruvAimozhi: 10.10. dasakam ): AzhwAr is blessed with the apunar janma Saayujyam

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Date: Sun Dec 30 2001 - 12:42:41 PST

Saturday,Dec 29 , 2001: 


Dear RasikAs of Swamy NammAzhwAr's Dhivya Prabhandhams:

It is the day of Swamy NammAzhwAr's Moksham .
adiyen thought it will be appropraite to focus on
the 10.10 dasakam of ThiruvAimozhi (TVM)today , where he
describes his attainment of  Moksham . Swamy NammAzhwAr 
enjoys paripoorNa BrahmAnandham and thanks the Lord 
for freeing him from being reborn again .The GuNam for
the entire 10.10 decad is "anubhAvyathvam " or BhOgya
samAnam ( enjoyemnt of the BhOgams of Sri Vaikuntam 
in an equal measure with the Lord). 

The 10.10 decad of TVM is the " MuniyE NaanmuhanE MukkaNNappA "
dasakam . These ten paasurams are a glorious climax for 
the entire ThiruvAimozhi . Swamy NammAzhwAr thanks the Lord
for removal of all Moksha VirOdhis and acknowledges that
he has been blessed with Moksham ( avAvaRRu Veedu peRREn).

There are two versions of the DTR slOkam covering 
the TVM 10.10 decad . We will focus on the second one
chosen by UtthamUr Swamy:

BrahmEsAntha: pravEsAth sapa iha RamayEthyAdhi-vaagruddha-bhAvaath
rathnashyAmAccha roopAth akhilatanutayA thrupthidhUrAmruthathvAth
PadhmA-prEyasthva BhUmuddharaNa dhurithadhrukthvAdhinithyathva mukthyA-
dhAnairbrahmAnubhAvyam SaThariopu-bhaNath dhrushtadhrushta-svamukthi:

Here Swamy NammAzhwAr salutes the Lord as the sole grantor of
Moksham and the most enjoyable one for the liberated souls 
(Muktha BhOgyan). AzhwAr describes at the beginning of the decad
his Parama Bhakthi , his attainment of the Lord's sacred feet ,
his accomplishment of union ( SamslEsha bhAgyam ) with the Lord
at Sri Vaikuntam after a very long seperation .

In the previous dasakam , Sriman NaarAyaNan let the AzhwAr 
see for himself the travel by archirAdhi maargam by liberated
souls , their arrival at the Lord's ThirumAmaNi Mantapam . AzhwAr
thought he had realized such a bhAgyam and wanted to engage in
EkAntha Kaimkaryam for the Lord . Suddenly , he understood 
with shock that he was still in prakruthi mandalam and not
in Sri Vaikuntam. His sorrow was unbounded. He cried out
to the Lord and asked whether what he saw earlier (travel
to Sri Vaikuntam ) was real. He begged not to be left behind
in samsAric world. The Lord hears that moving appeal and permits 
AzhwAr to join Him. The purpose of AzhwAr's avathAram  
becomes fulfilled . He becomes one with the Lord's Param JyOthi.

TVM 10.1.1: MuniyE ! NaanmuhanE ! MukkaNNapA!--: 
Oh Muni! The Lord who reflects intensively on creation of
this universe at the end of praLayam ! You keep thinking 
intensively upon how to assign Naamams and roopams for 
the sentients and the insentients of the Universe that 
you are about to create .Oh Sage engaged in Your dhivya-
sankalpam through Your avyAja KaruNai ! You have mde me from 
asath to a sath ! can  You not come to my rescue now ? How can 
You be so heartless to pay no further attention to me ? I am
crying my heart out. I am begging You for Your Moksha anugraham.
Why are You indifferent ? 

NaanmuhanE! Oh Lord , who created Brahma , entered His soul
and empowered him to engage in samashti creation after
completing Vyashti creation by Yourself !

MukkaNNappA ! Oh RudhrAntharyAmi , who appointed him to
engage in SamhAra Kaaryam ! 

MuniyE ! NaanmuhanE ! MukkaNNappa! Oh Supreme Lord displaying
Your svaroopam as Parabrahmam by divining srushti, shtithi and
SamhAram through Your dhivya Sankalpam ! 

"Yenn PollAkkaniyE ! KarumANNikkamE! Yenn KaLvA !" Oh the thief 
that stole " my " soul and enslaved me through Your charms ! 
Oh My Lord with Neela Mani hue ! 

Out of Your nirhEthuka Krupai , You placed Your lotus feet on
my head. The responsibility for my protection is all Yours.
I can not be without You even for a moment . You showed me 
the pathway by wich a liberated soul travelas to Your supreme
abode . I can not now let you go.Please geant me Moksham 
and do not trick me with other gifts. Please rush truly and
unite with me!

10.10.2: Here the agitated AzhwAr asserts his claim on the Lord 
and swears in the name of the Lord and MahA Lakshmi about His
right to be taken to parama padham.

10.10.3: " AavikkOr paRRukkompu ninnallAl aRihinRilEn yaan "
Oh the First cause of the World! I do  not know of any support
for my soul except You. Please take me to Your Supree abode 
to enjoy ParipoorNa BrahmAnandham.

10.10.4: "yembharam saadhikkaluRRu yennaip pOravittidAyE"
Oh JagannATA! Sarva RakshakA! If You think that my protection
is my own responsibility , then there is no other recourse 
for me except to sink in samsaric mud .

10.10.5:" pOra vittittu yennai Nee puram pOkkalaRRAl,
pinnai yaan aaraikkoNDu yethai? anthO! Yenathu Yenpathen?
Yaan Yenpathenn?" Here , Ahwar tightly questions the Lord: 
If You abandon me as one would treat a blade of grass 
as being worthless,then how can I and with whose help can 
I recover ? What is left there to describe as "mine" or 
as " I " ? There is no hope for me , if You decide to spurn 
me and cast me aside.

10.10.6: Oh Lord ! You are my aparyAptha amrutham (insatiable
nectar). You devoured my aathmA as though it was delectable . 
Now , You have abndoned me. Why is this change of mind?

10.10.7: "YenthAi! --Yenn anbhOyO? --Unnai peRRini pOkkuvEnO?"
Oh My Lord and master ! To me You are the total object of my 
love . After having obtained You, Do You think I am going to 
let You escape from me ?

10.10.8: Oh sarvAntharyAmi! My soul's soul ! Having got You ,
will I let You go ?

10.10.9: Oh unparalleled Lord ! The world as it manifests
itself is Your Sariram. Oh Jagath KaaraNA ! Oh Jagath SarIrA !
Oh "Mudal Tani Vitthu! ( Oh Lord shining supreme in a three-
fold way as Nimittha, SahakAri and UpAdhAna Kaaranams ). I have
to join You. I have to have the anugraham of enjoying You 
in a concrete physical form as Sri Vaikunta Naatan as enjoyed
by all the eternally liberated ones. When am I going to have
this supreme anugraham ? AzhwAr's cry and suffering is now intense.
The Lord responds now with alacrity and grants the boon sought 
by His dearest devotee.

10.10.10: AzhwAr speaks out with utter gratitude for
the MahOpakAram done by the Lord (Dr.VNV's translation) : 

" Oh The indweller of Moola prakruthi, which evolves further 
into derivative Tatthvams such as Mahath , ahankaram et al 
and pervades all space and thus is infinite in coverage ! 

Oh the indwellwr of all liberated souls , who encircles , 
extends over and is larger than the prakruthi in extant, whose 
very nature is characterized by Jn~Anam , Aanandham and 
tEjas !

Oh the unique possessor of Sanklapa Jn~Anam , which extends 
even beyond and has its halo even beyond still further ,which
is pure Anandham in nature!



10.10.11: In the phala sruthi paasuram of the ThiruvAimozhi,
AzhwAr instructs us that the SarvAtharyAmi Svaroopa Sriman
NaarAyaNan mingled with him and fulfilled him .AzhwAr now 
is ecstatic over his good fortune. AhwAr says that he sang
this decad with Parama Bhakthi and those who recite it and
understand the meanings of these paasurams will attain 
the status equal to that of Nithya Sooris . 

Thus ends the magnificent ThiruvAimozhi with
Swamy NammAzhwAr's Moksham !

adiyEn will cover the celebrations of Swamy NammAzhwAr
Moksham at Lord RanganAtha Temple at Pomona , NY
in the next posting . 
Swamy NammAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam ,
Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SaThakOpan 

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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