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RE: Vandinam Muralum solai

From: Viswanathan Selvaraj (
Date: Sun Dec 30 2001 - 04:23:57 PST

Poojya Swamin. I am a new member and I am just browsing the archives. I happened to see the discussion on "vandinum muralum solai" of Thondaradipodi Alwar. I am sure,even I am almost 7 years late, you would not mind my contributing to the discussion.

Sri Periyavachan Pillai, the noted commentator of all the 4000 Divya prabhandas, says thus:

Just like people who desire to take holy dip in holy waters of a river go with their friends and relatives, bees visit the solai of the Thiruvarangam for drinking the flood of honey, in droves. By drinking the honey up to their necks, they are unable to stay at one place and weave from one place to other(muralum) and make lot of noice. Such activity resembles the actions of the Nitya suris who are enjoying Sriman Narayana and sing samaganas to give vent to their feelings. Since Sri rangam is Bhoolaka Vaikundam, the bees are also nitya suris who have come to enjoy Thiruvarangan.

I have given a rough translation and will stand corrected for mistakes.

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