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Part XVI: Swamy Desikan's Taathparya RathnAvaLi: 122nd SlOkam ( ThiruvAimozhi: 10.9. dasakam ): AzhwAr ascends to parama padham via archirAdhi maargam

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Date: Fri Dec 28 2001 - 17:10:26 PST

Friday,Dec 28 , 2001: 


Dear RasikAs of Swamy NammAzhwAr's Dhivya Prabhandhams:

It is the day before Swamy NammAzhwAr's Moksham .
adiyen thought it will be appropraite to focus on
the 10.9 dasakam of ThiruvAimozhi (TVM)today , where he
describes the maryAdhais that he recieved during 
his journey via archirAdhi maargam and the conclude 
the series with TVM 10.10 , the final decad celebrating
Swamy NammAzhwAr attains Moksham .

The 10.9 decad of TVM is the "SoozhvisumpaNimuhil"
dasakam . These ten paasurams are a glorious description of 
Swamy NammAzhwAr's joyous vision of the ascent via archirAdhi 
route with sakala maryAdhais on the way as described by
upanishads and the fourth adhyAyam of Brahma Soothrams.

There are two versions of the DTR slOkam covering 
the TVM 10.9 decad . We will focus on the second one
chosen by UtthamUr Swamy:

SwamithyukthyA cha NaarAyaNa ithi vachasA vikramAth vishDapAnAm
SrisathvAth YaadhavathvAth SaraTapathayA dhvaidhathOsmin sayAnE
GovindhathvAth VaikunThadipa ithi vibhavAth prEkshithAsccharya-tanvI-
vyuhaissArdhachanEshttyA nayathisa supadhAsvam nijAnithyavOchath
--DTR: 122nd SlOkam 

The whole tenth sathakam is saluted by Swamy Desikan
in his DramidOpanishad saaram as "(PraNavam)  SathpadhvyAm 
sahAyAya Nama:". The Lord is saluted here as the One , who 
helps one to attain the residence in His Parama Padham ( Sath-
Padhavi). Swamy Desikan connects the key words of
each paasuram of this decad with ther appropriate guNam.

In this 10.9 dasakam , Swamy NammAzhwAr salutes the Lord ,
who blessed him with para Jn~Anam and proceeds on the archirAdhi
maargam shown by Him . He describes the many sukhams and
maryAdhais recieved by him and the other Mumukshus. 

In 10.9.1 ( SoozhvisumpaNimuhil thUriyam muzhakkina),
Azhwar describes the ghOsham of MangaLa Vaadhyams at
the start of this journey .The guNam here is "SwAmithvam".
The Lord is recognized as Swami (Lord ) to all.

In 10.9.2 (NaaraNan tamarik kaNDuhanthu--), AzhwAr 
refers to the welcome with poorNa kumbham.The GuNam is
NaarAyaNathvam ( NaarAyaNa ithi vachasA).

In 10.9.3 ( ThozhuthanarulakarkaL--) , he describes 
the shower of flowers on the way .Thrivikrama GuNam
of measutring the universe is saluted as " vishtapAnAm 

In 10.9.4( Yethir yethir Imayavar--), Azhwar notes the upachArams 
performed by Agni, Chandran and all the other aadhivAhikAs 
as a mark of their respect .Srisathva GuNam ( Srimathva ) 
guNam is celebrated based on the Paasura vaakyam: Maadhavan.

In 10.9.5 ( Maadhvan Tamar YenRu--), the warm reception 
given by VaruNa , IndhrA and PrajApathis during this journey.
The reference here is to "YaadhavathvAth". Once again, we have
reference to Maadhvan in this Paasuram .Swamy Desikan recognizes 
the Lord here as the memeber of the Yadhu kulam , which is also 
known as Madhu Kulam . A scion of this Kulam is the Lord

In 10.9.6( vELviyuL madutthalum--) , the mangaLAsAsanams by 
dEva rishis , who are expert in the VedAs and their consorts  
is accounted for.Paasuram has the word /salutation: "AazhiyAn".
Swamy Desikan refers to the chathru hanthAra guNam of 
the Lord as " SaraTapadhathayA".

In 10.9.7, The felicitations by all the other devathAs 
is described Madanthayar vAzhtthalum--).Lord's soulabhyam 
(ease of access) is celebrated here with the passage:
"SayAnEsmin dhvaitha:". The paasuram refers to sayana 
moorthys : " Kidantha Yem Kesavan " and "Kudanthai Kaavalan".

In 10.9.8 ( KudiadiyAr Ivar --), Azhwar arrives here at 
the divine gates of Sri Vaikuntam .Kudi is aayar kudi 
and hence Swamy refers to the naamam " Govindhan "
with the expression "GovindhAth" to illustrate 
all the rakshana gunams of the Lord. 

In 10.9.9 ( Vaikunhtam puhathalum--), Azhwar crosses 
the main portal and experiences the travel inside 
Parama Padham.The GuNam celebrated is that of being
VaikuntanAthan. The residents of Vaikuntam are 
eternally liberated ones( nithya sooris and MukthAs).
The Vaibhavam of vaikuntam is saluted therefore as
" VaikuntAdhipa ithi vibavAth". 

In 10.9.10 ( vidhi vahai--) , AzhwAr recieves the additional
upachArams of the Vedic seers and divine damsels.Swamy Desikan
salutes the passage of paasuram : "Vithi vahai puhunthanar"
with " prEkshitha aascharya tanvIvyUhai: sArdhvachanEshtyA".
At the time of crossing the Viraja river, EmperumAn sends out 
500 Nithya Sooris (apsaras ladies) , who are described as 
having flower garlands on their hands as per Upanishad 
( Satham MaalA Hastha:).

The eleventh paasuram speaks about the blissful state
the AzhwAr was in front of the Lord and in the company of
Nithya Sooris(anthamil pErinbhatthu adiyarOdu irunthamai).
Bhagavaan's joyous arrangements (kOlAhalam ) during 
the time of AzhwAr's ascent is described here.In this
concluding 10.9.11 pasuram (Vanthavar yethir koLLa--),
AzhwAr enters the ThirumAmaNi Mandapam , where the Lord
is seated on AdhisEshan and His Devis.

Swamy NammAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam,
Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SaThakOpan 

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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