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surdas's poems: 9

From: kalaivani retnavellu (
Date: Fri Dec 28 2001 - 11:57:31 PST

radhe govinda
namo venkateshaya

dear bhaagavatas,
we shall njoy the following poems by surdas. these poems cover the awakening 
of our darling kanna.

['Friend, I could not wake That darling boy, For when I gazed on his 
charming face My eyes, filled with greed To keep drinking in its loveliness, 
Did not let my tongue speak.']


Awake, Krishna, awake the lotus-petals open the water-lilies droop the 
bumblebees have left the creepers cocks crow, and birds chirp on the trees. 
The cows are in the byre lowing; they run after their calves; the moon fades 
before the sun. Men and women arise and joyfully sing their songs; Krishna, 
of hands lotus-like awake, for the day is about to dawn.


Parted nightlong from his beloved child Nanda could no longer restrain 
himself and lifting from his face the coverlet gazed upon it; no more the 
night was oppressive: the gods it seemed had churned the sea, and through 
its foam the moon was seen resplendent in the sky."

Says Suradasa, the cowherd lads and maids learning that their beloved 
Krishna was awake forgot all else and ran to his bedside.


Krishna awoke;

Yashoda was enraptured to see his face blooming as a lotus that captures the 
rising sun's first rays. Taking off the coverlet she said, 'awake, darling 
boy, awake, your loveliness makes me swoon your bewitching face is like the 
full moon seen through the sea's foam when it was churned for nectar.'

He for whom the Shrutis say 'not this, not this’ whose name is chanted by 
Brahma, Shesha and Shiva that Formless Brahma has taken birth in Braj, in 
human form, so 'tis heard.

hope all of u njoyed it as much as i did. :)

happy new year 2 all bhakthas

lottsa krishna premai 2 all
radhe shyamasundar
hari om

radhe krishna!

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