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PART X: Swamy Desikan's Taathparya RathnAvaLi: Seventh SlOkam

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Fri Dec 21 2001 - 13:52:36 PST

Saturday , Dec 22 , 2001
Seventh ThiruppAvai :" Keesu KeesuenRu  " Dinam

ANDAL ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Dear RasikAs of Swamy NammAzhwAr's Dhivya Prabhandhams:

On this Seventh ThiruppAavi day , adiyEn will continue with 
the Eighth SlOkam of DTR: 

sEvyathvAth BhOgyathvAth Subhatanu vibhavAth Sarva-bhOgyadhikathvAth
SrEyastaddhEthudhAnAth SrithavivasathayA svAsrithAnishta-hruthvAth
BhakthacchandhAnuvrutthE: nirupadhika suhruthbhAvatha: sathpadhavyAm
saahAyayyAccha svasiddhE: svyamiha karaNam Sridhara: prathyapAdhi

(meaning): Sriman NaarAyaNan is for all :(1) the One to be
worshipped (sEvyan)(2) The most enjoyable One to experience
(bhOgyan)(3)the One with dhivya MangaLa Vigraham (Subha Tanu
Vibhavam) (4) The One that exceeds all BhOgams in enjoyment
(SarvabhOgya-adhikathvam) , (5)The One who grants all
purushArthams and being the reason behind them (SrEya:
TadhEdhudhAnAth), (6)Being the One , who is under the control
of those , who have performed Prapatthi(Sritha-vivasathayA ),
(7)The One , who removes all the misfortunes of those who
seek succour under His sacred feet (SvAsritha anishta-hruthvAth),
(8) The One who conducts Himself according to the wishes of
His BhakthAs as YathOkthakAri (BhakthacchandhAnuvrutthi),
(9) avyAja Suhruth bhAvam ( nirupadhika Suhruth BhAvam)
and (10) The guide and help on the road of SdAchAram
and anushtAnam prescribed by His SaasthrAs (SathpadhavyAm
SahAyam).With all these ten unmatched guNams , He becomes 
the means (upAyam ) to attain Him( sva-siddhE: svayamiha 
KaraNam Sridhara: prathyapAdhi). He is the UpEyam (goal).
He wants all the Bhaddha Jeevans to attain Him ( gain
Moksha Siddhi/Sva-siddhi). For them to gain this ultimate
purushArtham , He Himself stands as the UpAyam (Svayamiha 
KaraNam SrIdhara: PrathyapAdhi). Swamy Desikan chooses 
carefully hte name of "SrIdhara:" in the context of 
Sva-siddhi (MOksham). Sridharan implies SrinivAsathvam .
In Swamy Desika SampradhAyam , the performance of 
SaraNAgathi for MOkshAnugraham is done before 
the Dhivya MiTunam ( the Divine Couple , who are
never seperated from each other). They are both 
UpAyam and UpEyam. Together they remove Bhagavathanubhava
VirOdhis (Taramavarum PayanAya ThirumahaLAr TanikkELvan:
ThiruvAimozhi 1.6.9). Her UpAyathvam in unison with 
Her Lord is referred to here.Her UpEyathvam is saluted by 
Swamy NammAzhwAr In ThiruvAimozhi 6.9.3: " Kolat-ThirumahaLOdu 
Unnai kooDAthE--innam TaLarvEnO".She engages in Nithya Yogam 
with her Lord to protect us all through her exercise of
PurushakArathvam and is there as UpAyam and UpEyam in
our siddhAntham.

Swamy Desikan is a special lamp lit from DhIpa PrakAsan,
our PrathamAchAryan . We will always be indebted to Him 
for His mahOpakArams to teach us about the importance of
the performance of SaraNAgathi for a Sri VaishNavan.

Therefore , the uninterrupted NithyAraadhanams for Him 
in His birth place of ThUppul and for DhIpa PrakAsan , 
the PerumAL of His birth place are vital Kaimkaryams 
for every SrI VaishNavan . Please come forward and 
support the NithyArAdhanam Project with whatever you can .
adiyEn will continue to appeal to You all until there is
strength in my hands and sight in my eyes to write about 
Swamy Desikan's SrI Sookthis. Please support this 
NithyArAdhana Kaimkaryam at ThUppul and ThirutthaNkA . 

Sri RanganAyaki SamEtha Sri RanganAtha ParabrahmaNE Nama: 
Daasan, Oppiliappan Koil VardAchAri SaThakOpan 

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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