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Mukkur Legacy Preserved

From: adiyaen (
Date: Thu Dec 20 2001 - 15:59:56 PST

Sri Mattapally NaaTam PranathOsmi Nithyam Namaha

Dear Friends,

On behalf of the members of Sri Mukkur Swamy's Nrusimha Kudumbam 
adiyEn is pleased to share with you The HINDU's review of "Sri Mukkur 
Nruhari Hrudhayam" - CDrom on Sri Mukkur Swamy that was released by 
the TRUST.

The review was featured in today's (Friday Dec 21,2001) issue.

With Kindest Regards


Rajagopalan, Srinivasan


Mukkur legacy preserved 

MUKKUR SRI Lakshminarasimhachariar Swami needs no introduction to 
Asthikas and it will be presumptuous to detail the life and 
achievements of a person who was a one-man institution and an 
acknowledged authority on the Ubhaya Vedanta scriptures and 
tradition. The devout fraternity is still trying to cope with the 
harsh reality that he is not in their midst today. 

They will find solace in the rich legacy that he has left behind in 
the form of the idol of Lord Lakshminarasimha, which was instrumental 
in the performance of more than 100 Swati Mahayajnas all over the 
country, audio-visual recordings of his inimitable discourses and 
writings which have been published as books. 

More than anything else a dedicated group of devotees has pledged to 
carry on the mission had undertaken. Towards this end the Sri Swati 
Narasimha Maha Yajna Trust has been instituted by his family and 
devotees at New No. 34 (Old No.24), Venkatesan Street, T. Nagar, 
Chennai-600017. Tel: (044) 4353704 

The Trust has been founded with the main objective of continuing the 
daily Aradhana of the Lakshminarasimhan idol and that of other 
Divyadesa deities he personally worshipped. It proposes to also 
publish Mukkur Swamy's works in other languages, construct a Yajna 
Vatika at Mattapalli Maha Kshetram, Nalgonda District, Andhra 
Pradesh, promote Vedic research and build a library to house his 
personal collection of rare books. The Trust solicits support for 
these activities. 


For the benefit of those who wish to relive their first-hand 
experiences of the Swami and his discourses and also for those who 
may not be familiar with them, the Trust has brought out a multimedia 
CD-ROM (PC compatible) entitled Sri Mukkur Nruhari Hrudayam, which 
was released on the day of Swathi Nakshatram, September 20, at Sri 
Narasimha Swami temple at Sri Mattapalli Maha Kshetram. (For copies 
contact by e-mail: & This CD 
can be used only in a computer with a CDROM, sound card and speakers 
and cannot be viewed in a home VCD system. A Java-enabled web 
browser, audio player and PDF reader are the software necessary to 
use this CD. 

Within the limitations of the memory available (700 MB), this CD 
attempts to encapsulate the lifetime achievements of Mukkur Swami and 
hence one hopes will be a precursor to more of the kind. 

It contains over 600 minutes of the Swamy's mellifluous voice 
glorifying the Lord and His Consort, his Acharya, the Vedic tradition 
and preceptors, besides his discourses in Tamil, rendition of Ghanam, 
Vedas and some esoteric hymns in Sanskrit and Telugu composed by him 
spontaneously on numerous occasions. 

There are more than 500 photographs vividly capturing his 
multifaceted personality besides 100 pages of text that includes the 
Sthalapuranam of Mattapalli Kshetram which was the nucleus of the 
Swami's multifarious religious activities. 

Altogether a veritable treasure trove made available free of cost 
with the sole intention of sharing Mukkur Swamy's spiritual legacy 
with one and all. 


           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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