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From: K. Sadananda (
Date: Wed Jan 31 2001 - 06:08:04 PST

I was asked to provide a brief introduction of myself.

I am a student of Vedanta and science.

I am disciple of H.H. Swami Chinmayanandaji and currently teaching 
Vedanta at the local Chinmya mission in Virginia.  I  participate 
actively in the advaitin group and currently posting weekly articles 
on the Shankara Bhaashya on Brahmasuutra to the adviatin group.

Then why am I here?  Bhakti is the essence of Sadhana whether you are 
adviatin, vishishhTadvaitin and dwaitin as emphasized recently in 
response to a question by Shree Ananta Rangachar in his last Sunday's 
Telephone talk series. (If one has not subscribed to these talks I 
advice everyone to do so - there is a wealth of information and he is 
discussing sadhana aspect currently).

  I come from traditional vishishhTadvaitin family.  My father, 
Kuntimaddi Seshacharlu, was a great scholar of sanskrit and 
VishishhTadvata and was well known in Rayalaseema area. He has 
written extensively in Sanskrit and Telugu.  From his stature, I am 
only a pandita putra.  He passed away four years ago and we are still 
trying to publish his unpublished works.  There are 14 volumes of 
commentaries on Shree Vedanta Deshika's Rahasyatraya saara and H.H. 
Shree Naarayana chinna jiira has taken up the task of publishing that 
work.  Before he passed away, he gave me an unpublished  manuscript 
of my 9th great great grand father - Tirumala Narasimhachar on Shree 
Stuti, asking us to publish it first. Since this involves more 
scholarly work involving alankaara-s and centered on ShR^ingaara 
aspect, I am planning to translate my fathers commentary into English 
and publish for the benefit of many.

Strange as it may sound, while my father was a staunch 
VishishhTaadvaitin, and I ended up as adviatin, Lord Krishana asked 
us to take care of a young sanyaasin who had to quit the Maadhva Mutt 
since he crossed the oceans.  The boy took me as God-father and now I 
have son who is a staunch Dwaitin.  Last year when I was in India on 
sabbatical I helped him translate into English the essence of 
Nyaayasudhaasaara - (a summary of Nayasudha of Shree Jayatiirtha by 
senior Pejawar Swami, Shree Vishvesha tiirtha ).  Contents are mostly 
related to Shree Madhva's bhaashya on Brahmasuutra.  The book has 
just been published by the Mutt and was released this month in India. 
While I am adviatin my wife is staunch vishishhTaadvaitin and you can 
imagine our table talk discussions.  As an adviatin I learned how to 
keep silent! - that way I found that the dinner on the table is 

Two weeks ago we have a great Andaal Kalyaanam dance drama 
choreographed by my wife, Mrinalini, with her dance school students, 
and played at Shree Siva Vishnu Temple in Lahnam.   It was a great 
show.  Now you can imagine our busy life.

I have provided more introduction than needed.  I hope to learn from the group.

Hari Om!

K. Sadananda
Code 6323
Naval Research Laboratory
Washington D.C. 20375
Voice (202)767-2117

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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