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Where is Atma?
Date: Sun Jan 28 2001 - 19:49:10 PST

Dear Bhagavathaas,
                 	The following topic raised by Sri.Mahavishnu is thought provoking.   AdiyEn's answer is, "Jeeva is different from JeevAtma".  An example is, if we say somebody has passed away, we mean, the Jeeva and not the JeevAthma has died(the JeevAthma gets re-born as a worm, plant, animal,human or attains moksham based on its karma Phalam), even though parts of the persons body may still live on(eg.organ donor's organs living after donor's demise).  

So the equation is,
Atma+living cells composed as matter also called as 'pindam'=JeevAtma ---->eqn1

living cells cloned from the 'pindam' still needs Bhagavad Sankalpam to get a JeevAtma for it to be called a Jeeva, otherwise it continues to be a pindam.

In a relative note, we see that modern scientific research in the area of Genetic make-up and cloning(sage Viswamitra has done that before, and in all possibility the DuryodhAnAdigal were created in a similar fashion too) but that does not constitute to creating an AtmA, but only aiding the physical creation of the Jeeva.  The Jeevathma assumes a body with Bhagad Sankalpam and gets to be called a Jeeva, whether it is Human Shrishti, Viswamitra Shrishti or Brahma Shrishti(I am sure some Vedic scholar on the net can enlighten us with the correct Vedic references).

As for plants, once again AdiyEn would seek the words of Vedic wisdom, as pure science can definitely not pin-point today, where the Jeevathma is, since pure science does not even know it leave alone explain about it.

AdiyEn's personal assumption is there is no physical location for Jeevathma in a body, but it stays in the body, as long as the body can sense its "self" and attributes its acts to that "self".  That is why we call someone "MahAtma" when he does acts for global welfare, and the ultimate as "ParamAtma".

The same for plants too.   When a plant is cut and replanted, it does not cut its JeevAtma, but a new plant is created and it gets its own Atma by Bhagavad Sankalpam.  This is evident when we see two identical stem cuttings in identical conditions, yet growing differently, since they have their own wisdom and way of growing which is attributed to their feeling of 'self' or 'AtmA'.

Hope to learn more from Vedic scholars on the net(& of course correct AdiyEn where assumptions are made incorrectly).  AdiyEn have Samsayam how we treat certain cells which display selfish behavior for survival. Is it mechanical attribute or whether they have self/AtmA?

AdiyEn Sri Raamanuja Daasan,

Sudarsana Dasosmi


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   Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2001 08:44:27 -0800
   From: "Srimahavishnu Vinjamuri" <>
Subject: Atma

Srimad venkata lakshmana Yativaraya namah.
Sri Rukmini sameta parthasarathi Prabrahmane namah.

dear Bhagavatottamas,

namo narayana.

It is said that Atma is there in our heart. What about plants,insects and several micro-organisams which do not have a heart?

IF we separate a few cells from the body of a living entity, and the cells are able to live independently, do they acquire a new Atma? 


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           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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