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Regarding Sri Ranganatha Temple, Pomona , NY : 99% Complete !

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Wed Jan 24 2001 - 05:14:00 PST

Dear BhakthAs all over the World!

I am attaching an urgent appeal from Dr.Venkat Kanumala of 
Sri Ranganatha temple , NY to help complete the remaining
ONE PERCENT of the Temple building kaimakryam to offically 
open to the temple to ALL BHAKTHAAS  on either May 28 or 
July 4 ,2001. We are thus very near completion of the rest of
the work regarding temple construction. A sum of 200K$ is
needed to cover the expenses related to complete the rest of 
the Kaimkaryam .

Donations of 1,000$ each by 200 BhakthAs would address
the needs to finish the remaining work. Please consider 
donating whatever amount you can.I pledge the deflection of
as much funds that I can from the sale of the special CD ROM on

Please browse the special home pages created for the AZHWAARS
RANGANAATHAN .The URL for this home page is:

You would enjoy the majestic beauty of Lord
RanganAthan in His sayana sEvai at Pomona , NY and
Srirangam there and have the darsana soubhAgyam of
other dhivya desa EmperumAns as well.

Lord Rangan , Our perumAL
Sri RanganathAn is NAMPERUMAAL .All the AzhwArs and AchAryaas
of every sampradhAyam have worshipped at His holy feet starting
from Chaturmukha Brahma .

He has taken residence amidst us on the banks of the local
Cauvery (Hudson River) right here and His PraNavAkAra 
VimAnam is resplendent in the midst of Taconic range of
hills .

Please help in every way you can to realize finally
the ten year old dream of completing the work towards this 
temple  of Sri RanganAthan .

Thanks very much ,
Daasan , V.SatakOpan
>====Mail from Sri Venkat Kanumalla=================
>Dear Devotees,
>Sri Ranganatha Temple construction is 99 % complete 
>and we are just waiting for the certificate of occupancy, 
>to open this great, one of its kind, Sannithi to the 
>public.  I request you all to visit the Temple personally
>after the temple opens officially to the public and 
>if not, at least the web-site at  
>Here, you can see the great Pranavakara Vimana, the 
>magnificent Moolavar, and some of the captivating 
>Divya Mangala Vigrahas of the Utsava Murtys.
>We requested all bhakthas of Sri Ranganatha to come 
>and participate in the religious kainkaryams at the 
>Temple and all of them responded with great enthusiasm.  
>With all this encouragement, we are planning to do the 
>Mahasamproksanam either around May 28th or July 4th of 
>2001.  We are just waiting to hear Bhagavat Samkalpam 
>through our great Acharyas.
>This great sannithi is built with the only mission 
>of propagating "Absolute surrender to Srimannarayana
>is the surest way to salvation".  This great project 
>was made possible, with the untiring efforts of so  
>many devotees who have given their time, services, 
>suggestions, financial support and most important, 
>offering their own souls at the feet of Srimannarayana.  
>We are very grateful to you all, for your unflinching 
>faith and patience for the past 12 years.
>"May the Divya Dampatis bless us all with Health, 
>wealth, Happiness and Nitya kainkaryam."
>Finally, as you all know, after the completion of 
>work, final bills start pouring in and we have to 
>make all the payments, at short notice.  Right now, 
>we have bills worth around $200,000= that need 
>urgent attention.  The temple can open its doors
>for the public only after we raise this amount.
>May I appeal to you all to help us raise the needed
>funds.  Please consider a donation, or a loan, with
>or without interest.  Please get in touch with one
>of the board members (names and phone numbers are
>available at
>Or, please call me at 304-424-6405 (weekday evening)
>or at 845-627-6716 (weekend).  We need your help now.
>Donations may be made out to Sri Ranganatha Seva 
>Samithi and mail to: 
>Sri Ranganatha Temple
>125-old route-202
>Pomona, NY-10970.
>Thanking you,
>Yours, in the service of the Divya Dampatis,
>adiyen, Ramanuja Dasan,
>Sreedhara Deekshita,
>(Venkat Narasimha Dasa, Kanumalla)

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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