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Compilation of the Periya tirumozhi
Date: Sun Jan 28 2001 - 18:04:13 PST

This is a request for info from the point of view of literature.

While looking at the individual works within the Divya prabandham, 
one questiojn comes to mind regarding the composition/compilation of 
the periya tirumozhi and other works within the divya prabandham.

While there is some evidence in the case of the tEvAram and paripATal 
that they were organized around the the melodies in which they were 
rendered (paNmuRai), similar data esp on how the Divyaprabandham was 
compiled seems to be lacking in the traditional literature (6000 

While for tiruvAymozhi the antAdi structure does give some necessary 
clues, the case of periya tirumozhi does not seem to be so self-
evident. For example, the organization of the verses in the sequence 
of approx north to south (of divyadesam's) appears elegant but 
artificial. For example, why would a native of tiruvAli sing about 
naimicAraNyam before so many decads on tirukkaNNapuram, evidently one 
of the favorite stalams for the AzvAr, assuming the periyatirumozhi 
was intended as a single poem. 

In other words, is there any evidence within periyatirumozhi itself 
that the currently available sequence is basically a product of the 
compilation exercise?

Thanks and Warm Regards,


           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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