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SrI pAdukAsahasram and kOlams (Designs)

From: Kalyani Krishnamachari (
Date: Sat Jan 27 2001 - 20:36:11 PST

SrI pAdukAsahasram and kOlams (Designs)


The 30th paddhati in SrI pAdukA sahasram is titled
citra paddhati.  SrI V. N. vedAnta deSikan in his
commentary introduces this paddhati to us as “citra
kavi”, which can be approximately translated as “poem
in the form of pictures”.  In the other paddhati-s,
the arrangement of the words in the Sloka-s do not
have any special pattern or design compared to citra
paddhati, and the meaning is relatively directly
expressed. But in citra paddhati, the “alankAram”
assumes great significance in addition to its meaning,
and sometimes it is a challenge to figure out the

Lifco publications has published a booklet on kolams
corresponding to the seven days of the week taking the
different designs formulated by svAmi dESikan in his
Slokams in SrI pAdukAsahasram.

Please refer to this URL to get a copy of the kolams
and Slokams:

Sunday: sarvatOpatra bandham : Slokam 933
Monday: dvicatushka cakra bandham : Slokam 926
Tuesday: ashTa daLa padma bandham: Slokam 940
Wednesday: ashTa daLa padma bandham : Slokam 927
Thursday: dvicatushka cakra bandham: Slokam 913
Friday: garuDa gati cakra bandham: Slokam 924
Saturday: ShODaSa daLapadma bandham: Slokam 928 

aDiyEn  would like to know the following:

1. Who designed these kolams?  Were these kolams given
by svAmi dESikan himself, or were they drawn in a
subsequent time by someone else? 
2. Is there a reason for assigning certain kolams to
certain days?  
3. Besides the books “SrI pAdukA sahasram” by Sri D.T.
tAtAcAryA and the one published by SrImad ANDavan
Asramam that give the citrams for some of the Slokams
in citra paddhati, are there other books that
elaborate on these kolams? 
4.  Are there citrams for all the 40 Slokams in this
aDiyEn would like to get more input on this topic;
this will help aDiyEn to publish a comprehensive
summary of these kolams with elaborate analysis of how
the citrams are created. aDiyEn’s husband – SrI N.
krshNamAcAri is helping with the understanding of the
geometric designs and SrImati SrInivAsarAghavan, a
young, enthusiastic devotee who has joined our Chicago
area bhaktAs recently, is helping with drawing the
special graphics and creating jpg files so they can be
shared with our bhakti list members. 

aDiyEn is planning to start a mini-series on these
kolams, a day at a time, and would appreciate any
input from our bhakti list bhaktAs on this topic. 

SrI ranganAtha divya maNi pAdukAbyAm nama:

kalyANi krshNamAcAri

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