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Padhuka Sahasram-334
Date: Fri Jan 26 2001 - 14:37:54 PST


SrimatE Gopaladesika MahadesikAya Namaha,

Translation by U.Ve. Dr. V.N. Vedanta Desikan Swamin:

334. thvayyarpithAni manujaIrmaNipAdharakshE!
     dhUrbAnkurANi sulaBhAnyaThavA thulasya:
     sArADhikA: sapadhi ranganarEndhrashakthyA
     samsAranAgadhamanoUShaDhayO Bhavanthi

Oh Manipaaduka! Durva grass or Tulasi leaves, easily available may 
also be used for Your archana; the Lord of Ranga-the great poison 
curer-by His powers magnifies their potency and transforms them, at 
the very moment of archana, into efficacious herbs with which the 
Samsara serpent could be quelled.

Namo Narayana,

SriMuralidhara Dasan

Special Notes by V. SatakOpan (V.S): SlOkam 334
(1) Abhinava Desikan's anubhavam: Here Swamy Desikan points out
that the PadhukAs of the King of Srirangam are endowed with
Supreme Power , just like its Lord. Swamy says: " Oh RangarAja
PaadhukE! When human beings offer even a lowly blade of grass or
the holy TuLasi leaves and worship You with them and with hearts
full of affecton , they become objects of Your Lord's grace
and become owners of medicine that drives away the ferocious
serpent of SamsAram". ( DhruvA is a type of grass with small
blades :aruham pull/panic grass .

(2) Srimath Andavan's anubhavam : Oh PaadhukE! Those who offer
You even easy to obtain saamgriyAs like aruham pull or TuLasi,
they get rid of the repated cycles of births & deaths.

(3) Sri RanganAthan is a Vaidhyan , who removes
the poison ingested from the bites of poisonous snakes of
samsAram.He uses the humble aruham pull and Holy TuLasi as
the powerful medicines to chases away the miseries
of SamsAric afflictions.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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