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Earthquake Relief: An Appeal
Date: Fri Jan 26 2001 - 19:02:01 PST

Tulasi isa samsaara mein, sab par kijiye daaya|
Na jaanein kisa bhesa mein, Narayana mil jayen||
Dayaa dharam ka muula hai, paapa muula abhimaan|
Tulasi dayaa na chhodiye, jab tak ghat mein praana||

A killer earthquake has shaken half of Bhaarata (India) and
has reportedly killed over 845 people in a few seconds in
Gujarath. Detailed updates may be read at

I plead you to support the victims of this serious disaster.
Please send $$ donations to support these victims, as many
of you have generously done during the devastating
Orissa supercyclone. Please send your tax-deductible
donations through India Development & Relief Fund, Inc.
(IRDF), a US-based charity organization that supports relief
and development projects throughout Bhaarata.

The IDRF website is
Please go to

You may mail your checks to my address (6 Oak Tree Lane,
Franklin, MA 02038) or personally give them to me or any
IDRF volunteer you may know, and we will get them to our
local volunteer coordinator Shri Abhay Belambe or to IDRF
office to dispatch ASAP to earthquake relief work. Your
support will go a long way towards meeting the medical,
food, shelter and long-term rehabilitation needs of the
affected victims.

Please donate generously and make your checks payable to
IDRF. For amount over $250, we will get you a receipt from
IDRF; for smaller amounts, your cancelled checks will
suffice as receipts for IRS purposes.

Please kindly forward this appeal to your generous friends
and urge them to support the earthquake victims.

Thank you very much.

IDRF Volunteer

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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