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Re:ThAyar (Correction)

From: Malolan Cadambi (
Date: Tue Jan 23 2001 - 11:02:30 PST

Dear Bhaktas,

In My Previous post I mentioned:

>The Reason : Nambi Naarayanar has the chakram in his right hand and
>shang in his left hand. While other forms of perumal like
>Thiruvengadan , Aaramudhan etc have chakram in left hand and shang
>right hand.

I made an un-intentional mistake. Nambi Naarayanr has chakram in the
left hand and shang in the right. While the opposite is true for
thiruvengadan and aaramudhan.This is the position acharyas keep shang
and chakram when performing samAshrayanam

As Sri Muralidhar Rangaswamy Swamin points out :

>As far as adiyen knows, the Chakram adorns the right hand, while the

>Shankam adorns the left hand of the Lord at Tirupati, Kumbhakonam 
>(Aravamudan). One Dhivya Desham where this is reversed is Dehalishan

>at TirukOvalUr. Swami Desikan extols this beautifully in the

Sri Balaji, you may refer DehaliSha Sthuthi. U.Ve.M.S.Hari Swamin had
written about it. It is in the archives. A translation of this
sthuthi and other slokams of desikar is available (in Kannada) at
Ubhaya Vedanta Sabha,100,west park road,malleswaram,Bangalore or
Adarsha Bhavan, Opp MES College,Malleswaram,Bangalore.

Again, this *may* be the reason why thAyar is in the left side of
perumal in some temples.

But as you point out, even in Thirunaarayanapuram, yadugiri naachiyar
is in the left-side of perumal. But the shang and chakram positons
are the same as thiruvengadan and aaramudhan. 

So the example of Nambi Naarayanar may not be a conclusive answer to
your query. I suppose you may consult pancharaatra vidwans about the
position of thAyar.

Thanks and Regards,

Daasan Malolan 

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