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Re: Sri Koorathazhvan

From: Srinath Chakravarty (
Date: Mon Jan 22 2001 - 08:32:48 PST

Dear Smt. Praveena and Sri. Anand:

Thanks to both of you for a wonderful summary of Swami
KooratthAzhwAn (SrivatsAnka miSrar)'s life.  I have also
had the bhAgyam of listening to the two upanyAsam tapes
by Velukkudi Krishnan Swami - every time I do, my eyes
brim with tears... especially the part where Sri. Velukkudi
Krishnan mentions that:

"vEdham enRa peNNukku --

vEdaanta vEdangangaL ellaam aabharaNangaL thaan,
Itihaasa puraaNa SaaStramellAm aabharaNangaL thaan,
AzhwAr aruLiccheydha divya prabandham ellAm AbharaNangaL thAn,
AchAryaLudaya vyAkhyAna stOtrangaLellAm AbharaNangaL thAn,
aanaal, vEdham enRa sthreenudaya kazhutthukku kattuva
thirumAngalya AbharaNam vandhu --

swaami kooratthAzhwAn udaya Sri sookthigaL than !!!"

Sorry if the above rendering is not accurate; I am just writing
from memory.  I will appreciate it very much if you can help
me locate the TEXT of these panchastavams either in
Sanskrit font (preferably) or in Tamil.  If not, I will be most
willing to reimburse costs to anyone who can mail me a copy
to my home address:

530 Buckingham Rd. # 1126
Richardson TX 75081 U.S.A.

-Srinath C.

Praveena & Anand wrote:

> Sri Koorathazhvan's works:
>         Sri Koorathazhvan brought out 5 works - popularly known as
>         Panchastavam. They are:
>         Sri Sthavam     -       10 slokas       [on Sri Ranga nachiyar]
>         Sri Vaikunta Sthavam - 100 slokas [on Paramapada Nathan]
>         AthimAnusha Sthavam - 61 slokas [on Emperuman]
>         Sri Sundara Bahu Sthavam - 132 slokas [on Azhagar]
>         Sri Varadaraja Sthavam - 102 slokas [on Hastigiri Varadan]

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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