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From: K Balaji (
Date: Mon Jan 22 2001 - 02:20:08 PST

Dear BhAgavathAs

We worship Mahalaxmi keeping to the right of the Lord Narayana (Vala
mArbinil vAzhgindra Mangaiyum).  This can be seen invariably in all
archA murthys of Sriman NArAyanA.  Similar to this, ThAyAr sannadhi in
temples in Tamil Nadu
also placed to the right of the perumal sannadhi. But in Karnataka and
some temples in AP ThAyAr sannadhi is located to the left of PerumAl
sannadhi ( similar to that of shaivaite sampradhayam in TN).  Urchava murthy
of Thayar
(like in Ram and Sita)
also placed to the left of the Lord Narayanan in all utsavams.  Is there any
mention about this in Ramanujacharya's Koil Ozhugu and in his other works?
..I think, placement of ThAyAr  interchangely (left or right)  is not Sri
vaishnava sampradhAyam. Then why there is a difference.

I request bhAgavatAs enlighten me on the subject.

Namo Narayana

K Balaji

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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