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Swami Mudaliandan

Date: Thu Jan 18 2001 - 22:11:43 PST

> Srimathe Ramanujaya Namah
> My humble respects to learned members of the bakthi list. I have been
> searching for information regarding Swami Mudaliandan during the past
> week. Scholarly articles written by S/S.TSS Sundarajan Swami and Mohan
> Sagar Swami has provided me enough material to ponder over for some time.
> I have a few questions for which I require information :
> 1. It is said that Swami Mudalinadan was so humble that he never left any
> written works as such. But I also see that some portions of Thatee
> Panchakam have been attributed to Swami Andaan.  I would like to know the
> correct position regarding authorship of Thatee Panchakam.
> 2. It is said that Swami Mudaliandan did considerable work in
> administration of Periya Koyil. But I could not get reference regarding
> any specific kainkaryam or any specific work done by Andaan regarding the
> Koil. Can members throw more light on this, particularly learned members
> from Srirangam ?
> 3. I have also heard about Swami Mudalinadan "Vaarthai " basically
> commentory/citations by swami on various matters. Would like to know where
> I can get english translations of these ? 
> I have a few photos of Varthamana Swami of Mudaliandan Thirumaligai.
> Members interested in getting the photos can mail me.
> adiyen ramanuja dasan
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> Mumbai
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