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From: Aravind Gopalan (
Date: Thu Jan 18 2001 - 01:30:06 PST

		Om Vishnave Namaha


I am Aravind Gopalan Iyengar. I am a final year
student of BITS, Pilani, doing dual degree programme
comprising of MSc(Hons.) Physics and B.E.(Hons.)EEE. I
will be joining the Tata Institute of Fundamental
Research, Mumbai for research in Nuclear Physics
during August 2001. 

I am very much enamoured of our Sri Vaishnava
tradition and would like to hear about past times of
Emperuman Sri Maha Vishnu and about the Sri Vaishnava

Recently I read the two volumes of 'Kurai Ondrum
Ellai' by Lakshmi Narasimha Chariyar. It is an
excellent work. I would like all the members to read
them and enjoy! It is a mixture of stories and also
throws light upon Sri Vaishnava tradition. 

Best Wishes.

Hare Krishna.

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