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Sri U.Ve. Abhinava Desika Sri UtthamUr Swamy Thirunakshathram: January 17, 2001 ( Thai SvAthi)

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Wed Jan 17 2001 - 18:35:59 PST

Sri Lakshmi Nrusimha parabrahmaNE nama:

Dear BhakthAs : Today is the Thirunakshathram of 
a great AchAryan. He would have been 103 years young
today .His Sathamaana Uthsavam (100th Birthday ) was
celebrated splendidly on January 31, 1997 at Chennai
by a committee headed by Sri K.G.KrishNan Swamy .Members
of the Bhakthi list presented a check for the Uthsavam 
committee as a token of their reverence for the great
contributions of this apoorva Scholar-AchAryan of 
an illustrious Guru Paramparai .

On this day , I am delighted to learn that a special
Home Page for Swami has been released by Sri K.G.K.Ananad
with  help on web design from Singapore BhakthAs .The URL is:

Swamy's one hundred plus granthams , the centenary project
activities , Srimukhams from AchAryAs and SishyAs are 
assembled there along with the plans for bringing out 
books that are out of print at this time.

Duirng that SathamAna Uthsavam in 1997 , the third edition of 
Periya Thirumozhi was released. adiyEn was reading it 
today and enjoying this 562 page long vyAkyAnam of Swamy 
following closely poorvAchArya commentaries and Swamy's 
own apoorva insights on specific passages and words of
Periya Thirumozhi's 473 paasurams. 

Just to illustrate the uniqueness of his commentary on
PeriyAzhwAr Paasurams , one can quote one or two examples:

(1) Fifth ThiruppallANDu Paasuram ( aNDaikkulatthukkapathiyAhi--):
Swamy explains that the four paadhams of this paasuram
contain the coverage of the four chapters of Brahma Soothram
(SaarIraka Saasthram). By choice of the word " aNDaikkulatthiRkku
adhipathyAhi", AzhwAr refers to the saaram of the first
adhyAyam of Brahma Soothram : Our Lord is the Sarva-KaaraNa,
Sarva Swamy .The passage "asurar irAkkatharai-kaLaintha"
refers to the sAram of the second adhyAyam . The reference 
here is to the "asurar irAkkatharai " and this relates to 
the rejection of Veda Baahya and vipirItha Jn~Anam based 
mathams(Kudhrushti Mathams). The third adhyAyam refers to 
kaimkaryam in a spirit of VairAgyam and the observance of 
Sath Karmams like Naama sankIrthanam ( ThoNDaikkulatthuLLIr
vanthadi ThozhuthAyiram naamam solli).The fourth adhyAyam is 
referred to as the Phalan of proceeding by archirAdhi
Maargam and singing PallANDu at Parama Padham ( paNDaik 
kulatthai tavirnthu PallANDu pallAyiratthANDenmin ).

(2) "sEvadi sevvu ThirukkAppu": The translation of
"Sevvi" as the day in Chitthirai leading to the observance of
RakshA Bhandhanam (ThirukkAppu) for the Lord for His
BrahmOthsavam is a beautiful one to experience and 
understand the Bhakthi Prakarsha BhAvanai ( Intensity of
the Bhakthi Driven anubhavam )of PeriyAzhwAr .

(3) The translation of "Panthanai" into Vaatam or
anukkam is another masterly insight . Normal translation
for Panthanai is nibhandhanai or kattu Paadu. Swamy says
that he came upon this translation (Vaattam ) for 
SaamAnyAdhikAris to grasp it readily. Such is
Swamy's KaaruNyam in writing his commentaries for
Dhivya Prabhandhams so that one and all can enjoy .

(4) His summary of ThiruppallANDu is a gem of 
a statement:

ThiruppallANDU is praNavam for the Tamizh Vedham of 
Dhivya prabhandham. Just as the VedArthams are housed 
in PraNavam ,Prabhandhaarthams are housed in Thiru-
PallANDu. In this great treasure of a Prabhandham , 
the entire VaishNava SamudhAchAram (noble Code of conduct
and Tattvams of VaishNavAs) is explained. These are: 

EmperumAn ,His GuNa-vigraha VibhUthis, The glory of
Periya PirAtti , Our requirement to perform Kaimkaryam 
in a spirit of Svayam PrayOjanam to Him ,the adhikAram of 
Mumukshu's alone to perform antharanga kaimkaryam to
Them , the need for VairAghyam over Isvaryam and Kaivalyam ,
Engagement in Kaimkaryam after initiation with
Pancha SamskAram ,the coverage of Pancha SamskAram for
all the members of family to overcome dhOshams of any one 
in the family being left out  , the uniquenes of BhaagavathAs
(Bhagavath DaasAs ), who come from a kaimkarya paramparai ,
the way to recognize and revere new paramaikAnthis joining
the paramparai paramaikAnthis , the types and character
of Naama SankIrthanam and SaraNAgathy at the lotus feet of
Sriman NaarAyaNan .

Since ThiruppallANDU covers the entire gamut of the above
Taathvams and codes of conduct , it is like PraNavam serving as
the essence of VedAs.

This is just a small sampling of Swamy's commentary on 
dhivya prabhandhams. The Sanskrit Sri Sookthis have
their own depth of Scholarship and excellence , which
will take many years for even scholars to comprehend 
and appreciate. 

Sri Abhinava Desikan has blessed us with many , many
Granthams , which need to be cherished .Reprint of
these granthams is a noble kaimkaryam undertaken by
the SathamAna Uthsavam Committee and it is our duty
to help with any support that we can give to them 
in their noble endeavour .

All this week in Madras , reputed scholars have come
together to present UpanyAsams on the subject matter of 
Swamy's Sri Sookthis and Sri VaishNava Tatthvams as well
as PoorvAchAryA's Sri Sookthis. I have requested 
Sriman Anand to capture these UpanyAsams in tapes and 
share it with us through postings for the benfit of
all of us , who could not be there in person. Sri Anand
has kindly agreed to undertake this kaimkaryam for
the benefit of Sri VaishNavA Community .Our thanks
are due to him . 

adiyEn,Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan        


           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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