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TeleSthothram & Prabhandham Classes conducted by Sri. Ramanuja Mission

From: Venkat Sreenivasan (
Date: Wed Jan 17 2001 - 13:46:49 PST

As a service to our sampradayam in reaching bhagavathas all over USA, 
by seeking the grace of the padukas of ALL acharyas, Sri Ramanuja 
Mission of Srirangam Srimath Andavan Asramam has started to conduct 
Sri Desika Sthothram classes and Divya Prabhandham classes over the 
telephone bridge every saturday from Mid-November, 2000. We would 
encourage all the interested bhagavathas to come forward and avail 
this wonderful oppurtunity to learn slokas in a traditional way.

We have started with Sri hayagreeva sthothram and SudharsanAshtakam 
in Desika Sthothrams. For Divya Prabhandham,we have started with  
ThirupaLLAndu in Nithyanusandhanam. Children, preferably over 6 years 
are most welcome to join too. The medium of instruction is English. 
Please note that it is not AT ALL late to join now as we are 
progressing at a slow and steady pace. 

Please visit our web site at to read more 
details about tele-sthothram and tele-prabhandam. Registration for 
the class is done at our website. Please remember that there is no 
cost involved in this kainkaryam.

Our goal is to teach this in a traditional way. Each of the 
Slokas/Paasurams in the Sthothram/Prabhandham will be broken down by 
padam (words) and will be requested to be repeated twice in a slow 
and coordinated way. This will be reduced to repeating once in future 
lessons and finally recited by each individual after reaching a 
comfort level. 

Class Frequency: 

Every saturday 12:30 - 01:15 Prabhandam Class and 01:15 - 0200 
Sthothram Class 

Adhyapakas (teachers): 

The Prabhadham classes will be taught by Sri Venkat Sreenivasan and 
Sri Narayanan (both from New Jersey) on an alternating basis. The 
Desika Sthothram classes will be taught by Sri Sundar Kidambi (from 
Boston) and Sri Shyamsundar Sreenivasan (from New Jersey) on an 
alternating basis. 

Text Material for Sthothrams and Prabhandams has a good collection of the text in PDF format in a 
variety of languages including Tamil, Sanskrit, Telugu, Kannada. This 
site is being maintainted by Sri Sunder Kidambi. Please visit the web 
site and download the sloka text if needed. 

Please be informed that the audio clips are made available for the 
classes already completed. For new people interested in joining the 
classes, they could visit the site and download the lessons. 

Please visit our website to get more details.


           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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