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Dr. NSAnantharangarchar's reply to "putra kamesti yaga"

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Date: Tue Jan 16 2001 - 13:32:25 PST

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Subject: RE: Dr.N.S.Anatha Rangachar's Tele-Upanyasam

Swamy Deshikan ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Dear Sriman Malolan Kadambi,

Sriman Dr. NSA swamy (adiyEn's grand father) has given the following reply
to your query on putra kAmeshti yAgam:

"PutrakamEshti is a particular kind of sacrifice performed combined with
the performance of the horse sacrifice(ashwamEdha).
PutrakamEshti and AshwamEdha are both kAmyakarmas only. AshvamEdha yagins do
not attain moksha. In brihadAraNyaka a question is asked to Yagnavalkya
(where does an Ashwamedha Yagin go ?) and he assigns a place to them, but it
is not communion with god.

Attaining moksha thru Ahwamedha as mentioned in Sruthi is just a prashamsa

Dasharatha did Putrakameshti and Rama was born but Dasharatha did
not realise that Sri Rama was God himself. Hence Dasharatha did not go to
but only Swarga."

Thanks to Sriman Narasimhan (Dr. NSA's son) for forwarding this reply.

Sriman Narasimhan wrote -
>> I passed on this message to my father and he was very happy
>> to see the positive response. He asked me to convey this to
>> you that he was quite impressed by the large audience and
>> their high level of interest in philosophy.

Balaji (Rajiv)

vAzhi vyAkhyAmuddirak kai !!!

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Subject: Dr.N.S.Anatha Rangachar's Tele-Upanyasam

srimathe ramanujaya namaha
srimathe nigamantha maha desikaya namaha

Dear Bhaktas,

adiyen was blessed to listen to the tele-upanyasam od
U.Ve.Dr.N.S.Anantha Rangachar(NSA).

Sri NSA and Sri NSA's brother Sri Karyam of
Poundareekapuram Ashramam in Bangalore U.Ve.Dr.Anantha
Narasimhachar (Kittu Vaadyar) is very well know to our

I have one small question which I was a bit late in
posting to the forum during the tele-upanyasam.

Swami NSA mentions about the demerits of kamyakarmam.
PutrakamEsthi yagam is a sort of kamyakarmam. In
Srimad Ramayanam Dasharathar performs PutrakamEsthi
yagam. How is the event explained on a vaidika stand?

Smt.Radha Rangarajan had answered my question, but my
PC Phone got cut off by the time I could listen to her

I would be glad to get this naieve doubt of mine

Thanks and Regards,

daasan Malolan

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