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Providing alms for beggars

From: Rajesh Elayavalli (
Date: Tue Jan 16 2001 - 13:29:20 PST

Dear Bhakta's:

On a recent visit to India and to Tirupati, I
encountered a small child holding an infant in her
hand.  She pleaded with me to provide her money,
apparently for the infant's food.  Since this was
happening quite frequently during my visit I said I
didn't have anything and shooed her away.  I felt bad
after this incident and I have the following doubts:

1.  When all are created equal - why is that some
suffer and other's don't.  I have difficulty
understanding "poorva janma" theories - and feel that
opportunites have not been presented in the current
life for them to redeem them.

2.  What is our role from a religious and vedic
perspective.  I do provide alms, but where do we stop
or are we supposed to?

3.  Is it not "Paapam" to turn a blind eye, when some
one really can be suffering.  Are we not telling a lie
that we do not have anything when infact most of us
What should our response be when we feel that we have
done what we can?

I beleive that God comes in the form of men and women
-so how can we neglect our responsibility when genuine
cases of begging come our way.

I will appreciate guidance from you all.

Rajesh Elayavalli 

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