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From: Sadagopan (
Date: Mon Jan 15 2001 - 14:53:48 PST

Dear BhakthAs :

Yesterday night , adiyEn had the BhAgyam of 
listening to Dr.AnanatharangAcchAr Swamy's
TeleupanyAsam in the Sathsangam of few other
BhakthAs. It was a most memorable experience .

First of all , my sincere thanks are to Sri Krishna Kalale
and Srimathi Nagu Satyan for taking the initiative 
for organizing this outstanding Tele-UpanyAsam .Those who have 
missed this first UpanyAsam would very much benefit from 
listening to this great vedAnthic Scholar providing 
clear instructions for Self realization backed up by 
innumerable PramANams and answering clearly and concisely
the Questions from the listening audience.It was a great
feast for the ears and mind .

Starting from the three questions of NachikEtas 
to Yama in KatOpanishad , Swamy took us through 
the intrepretations of  different AchAryAs  to define
PurushArtha YogyathA  to realize the fruits of 
one's saadhanA.He underlined AchArya PrApthi is 
a  must for any SaadhakA independent of His knowledge
level.He defined the qualities (attributes ) of
a SadAchAryan from Swamy Desikan's Sri Sookthi
and connected it to the Upanishadic PramANams
(SrOthriyam Brahma Nishtam--).

He pointed out that AchArya Sevai is one of the most 
important ingredient to advance in one's Saadhanai 
to reach the goal.

He explained that the BhagavAn's KaaruNyam alone makes
us attain a SadhAchAryan ( Isvara SouhArdham , VishNOr 
KatAksham YadrucchA Sukrutham , adhvEsham, Aabhimukyam and 
Saathvika SambhAshaNai being the six ways in which one can 
realize a SadhaachAryan).

Sri AnantharangAcchAr Swamy summarized the nithyAnithya- 
Vasthu vivEkam of NachikEtas , which helped him sort out 
the asaaram (earthly bhOgams) , alpa saaram ( that of little value 
such a sSvargam ) Saaram ( Kaivalyam ) Saarataram and Saaratamam .
That vivEkam made NchikEtas choose from Yaman the instructions 
on Aathman as the Saaratamam (Supreme essence)to learn .
Swamy had quite a link to specific slOkAs of Geethai dealing 
with the recognition of the seven DhOshAs to overcome during 
one's spiritual journey towards the gaining of Parama PurushArtham. 

The questions comon to allschools of VedAnthA are:
(1) who am I ? (2) What should I gain? (3)How can I
gain it ? (4) What are the obstacles? (5) What are
the results (prayOjanam) for observing such 
a discipline (Saadhanai)? He pointed out the need for
control of Raagam /Kaamam(desires ) and dhvEsham/Krodham 
(hate/anger) for overcoming "prabhalakara prAchina karma 
VaasanaikaL".Once the above two (Raaga-DhvEsaham ) are controlled ,
tranquility and progress towards the goal will become easier.
This is connected with the control of the mind , which stands
in between Aathman and the external world.

Listening to AnantharangAcchAr Swamy's upanyAsam 
on the various steps in reaching the goal of a Saadhakan 
reminded adiyEn of Swamy Desikan's brilliant summary of 
the NINE STEPS of the LADDER that we have to climb to
attain the Lord's parama Padham .AnantharangAcchAr 
Swamy referred to a few of these steps ( Virakthi,
NirvEdham and Bheethi).The Slokam of Swamy Desikan 
enlisting all the NINE steps in His Parama Padha SOpAnam 
is positioned at the very beginning of His Sri Sookthi:  

prasAdha hEthuruthkramaNaarchirAdhaya:
prakruthyathikrAntha padhAdhirOhanam
parApthirithyathra thu parvaNAm krama:

The order of ascension on this ladder to 
Parama Padham is summarized here:

(1) VivEkam : discriminating intellect 
that comprehends true Tatthva Jn~Anam about
the sentient (Chith), insentient (achith) 
and Isvaran ( The Supreme Lord ).

(2) NirvEdha: " metaphysical agony " over 
the wasted time spent in Svaroopa Viruddha 

(3) Virakthi: VairAgyam to avoid worldly temptations
that are savroopa Viruddham .

(4) Bheethaya: Fear over the thought that this
SamsAric experience will recur.

(5) PrasAdha HEthu: The Bhakthi and Prapatthi 
UpAyams that lead to Bhagavath anugraham

(6) UthkramaNam: The departure of the Aathman
from the body(prison ) .

(7) ArchirAdhaya: the archirAdhi gathis (travel
via archirAdhi maargam led by aadhi vaahikAs).

reaching Parama Padham , which is beyond 
the Prakruthi MaNDalam .

(9) ParApthi: The enjoyment of Sri Vaikunta Naathan
in His Parama Padham 

These are the nine ParvANAm Krama: ( Order
of steps in the ladder to Parama Padham).

AnantharangAcchAr Swamy concluded by saying 
that the Karma Yogam is backed up by IsAvAsyam ,
Bhakthi Yogam by Kena Upanishad and Jn~Ana Yogam
by BruhadhAraNyam and ChAndhogyam .

It will be a wonderful treat to listen to
this great Scholar-teacher again. Please 
particpate in the future upanyAsams.



           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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