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request to clarify the following doubt

From: balaji venkateshan (
Date: Sun Jan 14 2001 - 05:47:34 PST

Dear co-vaishnavas,

  Adiyen has a  doubt which is lingering adiyen's
mind...Hence this request to clarify
  the following  doubt...

 Today is the last day of Margazhi maasam..There is 
an episode in bhagavatam where in , 
On this day the gopis performed vratam to kaatyaayini
devi to attain lord krishna as their husband...after
performing the vratam , they all were taking bath in
yamuna with out any
vastram..At that time lord krishna took away all their
vastram and sat atop a tree..
Lord krishna told them that they should all come one
by one and request him to give 
back their vastram..Once they come near the foot of
the tree , he says that taking bath
nakedly is a sin and therefore they should raise their
hands and request yamuna devi
to pardon their sin..after this act he promises their
nonbu will frutify and their sins 
have been burnt....

According to what I have heard from the elders of my
family , lord krishna wanted to
 teach a lesson to the gopies that taking bath without
vastram is a wrong thing....
I have read the baghavatam(published by lifco) , which
also substantiates the view held
above...In the vishnu puranam (pub by lifco) , in the
chapter where parasarar mentiones 
about the duties and life style of grihasta , it is
mentioned that a husband should never
see his wife(when she takes bath without vastram)....

But yesterday I was reading a telugu book called "
devaadi devudu sri krishna bagavaanudu "
authored by prabupada(acharya of iskcon)...The
explanation given by srila prabu pada is
completely different.......he says "lord krishna
wanted to enjoy the beaty of gopies to
the fullest possible extent and so he told them to
come  and request him to
give back their vastrams..further he wanted to enjoy
the beauty of them one by one , 
hence he asked them to come one by one...though lord
told that taking bath nakedly is a sin..he was just
kidding..his tiru ullam was enjoy
their beauty " I dont want to post the remaining
of prabupada as it is still more offending .........

  I beleive that this is not the view held by RAMANUJA
Pls help me clarify this doubt.....if the view held by
prabupada is wrong then ,
then probably we should avoid reading such books....

ramanuja daasan 

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