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asmadhAchArya paryanthAm vandhE GuruparamparAm-5

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Fri Jan 12 2001 - 03:21:55 PST

SrImathE GopAladEsika MahAdEsikAya Namah:

Dearest Srivaishnvas,

Please accept adiyEnís dhaNdavath praNAmams at your feet.
Our Srivaishnava AchArya lineage as described earlier in part 4 of the 
series, traces back to Sriman Narayanan.

We had seen upto Sri Ramanuja. In between Ramanuja and Vedanta Desika, the 
most important disciples (descendents) of Ramanuja are:
1. PiLLAn, VishNuchitthar, NadAdhUr ammAL, AppuLLAr and Vedanta Desika.
2. EmbAr, Parasara bhattar, Numjeeyar, NampiLLai, Vadakku thiruveedhipiLLai, 
PeriyavAcchAnPillai, PillailOkAryar, SrIsailar (ThiruvAymozhipiLLai), Sri 
Manavala mamunigaL. (one can trace upto his present AchArya from the above.)

The greatness of our Srivaishnavam is that we not only show respect and pay 
obeisance to our prakritam (present) AchArya, also to the entire lineage of 
AchAryas, right upto the Lord. The thaniyan (dedicatory verse) of our 
AchArya and thaose of his predecessors, are to be recited by every 
srivaishnava. It is not only in paying respect to the glory of these 
AchAryAs, also to show our gratitude for what GREAT service rendered by them 
to our srivaishnava sampradAyam, by way of disseminating through granthas 
and kAlakshEbams.

Swamy Desikan describes this very movingly:

yERRi manatthu yezhil jnAna viLakkai iruLanaitthum-
mARRinavarkku oru kaimmARu mAyanum kANagillAn
pORRiugappathum pundhiyiR koLvadhum, pongupugazh-
sARRivaLarppathum saRRallavOmunnam peRRadhaRkkE.

To the One who has lit the lamp of jnAnam (knowledge) (in us) and dispelled 
the darkness from our minds, there is nothing (no way ) even the Lord can do 
to repay (for what the AChArya has done). Praising such AchAryan and telling 
about his greatness to others, spreading his name, glories, continuously 
will be like an infinitesimal portion for what He has done. (saRRu - iota) 
(since it is only so small, why should I do? should not be our comment 

Sri maNavALa mAmunigaL in his upadEsaratthinamAlai says

"jnAnam anuttAnam ivai nanRAgavE udaiya
nAna, guruvai adaindhakkAl - mAnilatthIr!
thEnAr kamalatth thirumAmagaL kozhunan
thAnE vaikuntham tharum."

When one takes refuge at an AchAryan (Guru), who is the great 
personification of jnAnam and anshtAnam, oh folks! the Lord Sriya: Pathi 
Sriman Narayanan will grant mOksham.

He also stresses that if one wishes to get saved, place your mind (and 
yourself) at the feet of your AchAryan. (uyyaninaivuNdAgil u~ngurukkaL 
thampahatthE vaiyum.. anbuthannai.. )

I humbly request with my folded hands to each Bhagawatha of this list, to 
contribute your mite for the 81st Jayanthi celebration. Please pay your 
obeisance by contributing your mite and donate generously to the cause of 
the 81st Tirunakshatram celebrations planned for March 24-31, 2001. 
Contributions from the USA are tax exempt. Please mail your checks to:

c/o Smt. Nagu Satyan,
7821 W Alder Drive
Littleton, CO 80128

Please indicate on the memo of your check that your contribution
is for Srimad Poundarikapuram Ashramam.

For those in India, please send the cheque or drafts in favour of "S.P.A.V 
Truct, 81st Jayanthi a/c and send to Srikaryam, Srimad Poundarikapuram 
Andavan Ashramam, 43- A/13, Asramam Road, Srirangam, TRICHY.  PIN 620006, 
AchAryan ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam
Narayana Narayana
AchAryan Thiruvadi nArAyaNadAsan madhavakkannan

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           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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