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Reply re : Aachryas

Date: Thu Jan 11 2001 - 16:08:29 PST

Dear Balaji avl,

Re your query on the Guruparampara lineage, I have a reply from my father 
Urupattur Shri Sundararaja Iyengar of Thirukannamangai.

Ans for Qn 1&2

Persons reputed in Gnana, Vairagya,Anushtana,Satsampradhaya are chosen for 
the peeta, generally by the last Acharya. Till now these Acharyas have 
knowledge on probable end and will instal successor. Even if not installed, 
main shishyas will know Acharya's mind and act accordingly. The successor 
has to get Sanyasi Manthram from another Sanyasi only . For example the new 
Andavan Swamigal can get the Mantram from his predecessor Andavan  or 
current Ahobila/Parakalamat Sanyasi.

Ans for Qn 3

In visishtadwitha system of philosophy, Mahalakshmi is considered in every 
respect equal to Sriman Narayana including giving Moksha. In addn she also 
acts as purushakara i.e recommend our case for consideration by Sriman 
Naryana. She is always attached and cannot be seperated from Sriman 
Narayana. It is with this background that She is in the guruparampara next 
to Sriman Narayana. Mahalakshmi is Divine Mother.  Since 'Jeevathma' ladies 
are not allowed to recite vedas or Mantras and as these are essential for 
Sanyasis, ladies are not considered for the Peetam.

Hope this clarifies

Ranganatha Dasan

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