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From: sujatha ramarajan (
Date: Thu Jan 11 2001 - 22:59:35 PST

Namo Narayana  Namo Anchanaya 
Emperuman Thiruvadikala saranam  
Namlavar Thiruvadikala saranam

I am sujatha. i am working as a lecturer in singapore.
My native is near to srirangam. I am
Iyengar(thenkalai). i am intersted in Veda's,githai
and Purana's. i know little bit in this area. i want
to learn more in this area. i am residing separately
in singapore. Being a Iyengar family i know little bit
in all our veda's,upnaya's and slokas. I treat
Anchanayan as my good friend. he will lead to me
always for success . i completed my education in
srirangam so i know very well about srirangam and
their way of celebrating all the things. i am
intersted in traditional lookings. i want to share
traditional feelings .I want to know the best way to
achive bhagavan  thiruvadigal. 
Miss.Sujatha RamaRajan


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