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RE: vegetarian and srivaishnava

From: K K (
Date: Thu Jan 11 2001 - 11:52:17 PST

   Well its a simple understanding !!! Every living
entity on this earth has a Jeevathma and it's against
the religious code of conduct to kill any jeevathma to
satisfy our taste buds. Well in that case even killing
vegetables is also sin, but we take that sin out by
offering it to God and taking it as his mercy.  Well
if thats the case then one can say why not I kill an
animal and cook it and offer it to God, and take it as
mercy... Well we cannot do that coz there are some
religious principles and one should abide by that. 
Years ago, (during Sri Rama's Time) Even Lord Rama ate
Deer's meat, thats because that was that Yuga's
dharma, people use to live for 100,000 years and at
their last stages they use to perform 10,000 years of
tapasya to attain moksham.  Well in this age, the max
we could live is like 100 years and one has to full
fill all his dharmas to attain vaikuntam and the best
way is to live by the religious principles and
surrender to the lord and attain the moksham eazily in
just 100 years, thats the beauty of the Human life
that we only get 100 years to live and yet attain
moksham easily by surrenderance to the Supreme Lord
and attain Moksham, by following some religious
principles and pure surrendarance.  Well also one last
explanation, when King parikshit was going around the
forest in his last days he saw a Sin personified
chasing a one leg cow to kill the cow... well imagine
how horrible it is, a cow with one leg running to save
it self, Well its then Parikshit maharaj asked the guy
who is chasing and what it is, then the Sin
personified told him that he has no where to go and so
chasing the cow, and also a cow's four legs are
represents the dharma and its already lost 3 and only
one left and even if thats is lost then the kaliyuga
would end.. so thats when king Parikshit said that may
the Sin go and live where ever there is Meat eating,
or killing of animals and may the sin go and live
where ever there is Gambling and Prostitution and may
the sin go and live where ever there is Alcohol and
other harmful substances like drugs, etc that harms
the life span of a Human,  may the sin go and live
there, and these are the main reasons where the sin
personified is blessed to live in and thats an other
main reason why we dont eat meat.  Well i hope this
explanation helps.  Still not cleared let me know, i
can dig out some vedic explanations like Annam
Prabramhaswaroopam etc... Well we can go on and on and
on, but I am just trying to put in Laymen terms, !!! 
Well the bottom line is Once we take this human birth
we are given a chance to realize the Parabrahman and
try to attain him back. The food and other activities
in life, is just a tool that helps us to attain and
customize our minds towards the tuning of that Supreme
lord Sriman Narayana and Sri Mahalakshmi. 

Take care and let me know what you think.


--- srimushnam raghu <> wrote:
> This is a very interesting explanation 
> but I would like to know more
> --- Sriram Ranganathan <>
> wrote:
> > Dear Sri Raghu,
> > 
> > Here is my understanding.
> > [rest deleted in the interests of space]
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