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Re: [Yadavaprakasha: A Brief Biography]
Date: Thu Jan 11 2001 - 09:05:26 PST

On your first question, I do not have any references at hand but I remember 
reading somewhere that he tried to kill Sri Ramanuja when he was proceeding 
towards Kashi, but was saved. Sorry, but I do not remember where I read this 
and other similar information.
On your second question, you are correct. I wrote this 'biography' about 2 
years ago and subsequently came accross Sri Sudarshana Suri's commentary on 
the Vedarthasamgraha, where he quotes the Vakyakara also to this effect. I 
will incorporate these pieces of information when the website is formally up, 
but thanks, as always, for pointing this to me.



"M.S.HARI Madabhushi Sarangarajan Hari" <> wrote:
> Dear SrI Vishal Agarwal,
> You wrote:
> >The traditional biographies of Sri Ramanujacarya paint him 
> >in very dark colors. 
> May I request you to kindly explain the above statement? Please.
> You wrote:
> >When the teacher asked the cause of tears, Sri Ramanuja 
> >replied that he was pained at such a frivolous interpretation 
> >of the Holy Scriptures, and proposed a new etymological 
> >interpretation ('the Lord whose eyes are red like a lotus 
> >blossomed by the Sun'). 
> Your translation ('the Lord whose eyes the Sun') looks
> partially completed; Whether the explanation of SrI Bhagavath rAmAnuja is 
> termed as "new" or "old - already existing and accepted by vaidikas", I 
> would like to say that SrI Bhagavath rAmAnuja's interpretation
> cannot be taken in literal sense "new"; but it could mean only
> that he ascertained the Sruthi's real purport after rejecting
> apArthams strongly. It has to be noted that puNdareekAksha: (Brahman) 
> is clearly celebrated in Sruthi and Smruthis even before 
> Bhagavath rAmAnuja's period; These references are in perfect
> match with the interpretation of SrI BhAshyakAra swAmi SrI Bhagavath 
> only.
> Regarding the general concept of "new" and "old" with respect to
> VisishtAdvaita, YatirAja sapthathi may be reffered. Here, this
> Sruthi alone is not the subject of discussion.
> Thanks & Regards
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