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NV & Vaishnava

From: K Balaji (
Date: Wed Jan 10 2001 - 23:04:22 PST

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Srivan Satakopa Sri Narayana Yathindra Mahadesikaya Nama:

Dear BhAgavatAs,

This is not an answer for Sh Raghu's questions on vegetarian and
srivaishnava, but I would like to share some information in this regard
for further analysis. As far as my little knowledge goes,
it seems even Brahmins tasted Non-vegetarian (NV) items in the past.
During Yagnas, to please devathas a Yagna-pasu ( Yagna animal )
would be offered in the Yagna fire. All these Yagnas were performed by
Brahmins in the  presence of the King ruling at that time.  And after
Yagna rituals,  the offered animal after taken out from Agni was
distributed as prasadam to the
gatherings. This was consumed even by brahmins and the quantity was as
little as that comes
in the forefinger (oru kundumani size). ( reference  from ArulvAkku of
Kanchi H H Sri Chandrasekara
swamigal Publisher Ananda Vikatan ).

And this (bali) was one of the main reasons for Buddhism and Jainism ( in
Ahimsa is the primary rule) spread faster in India . Though Buddism widely
spread to
other countries like China, Japan etc.,  there is no end to eating of NV in
these countries.

>From the Yagna prasadam,  slowly NV  made an entry as a regular meal in many
families including brahmins (especially  in Northern and Eastern India
barring few sects in brahmin families). Nowadays, in Kali yuga,  Yagnas are
not supposed to be performed  as conducted in previous yugas . And moreover
Buddism & Jainism
principles altered the Yagna procedures of Hindus to the extent that atleast
procedures were stopped among Brahmin rituals. I suppose these facts should
have substantially reduced/stopped
the  direct/conscious intake of NV among the Hindus and especially Brahmins.
As some one enquired in this forum
whether crossing of ocean is permitted.  I see one of the reasons  for
non-permission could be
due to unknown or known NV  food habits of people from other origin and
there could be a possibility of unconsious intake of NV for a traveller

As stated in Bhagavat Gita I strongly believe that food habits very much
determine a person's nature.

I was recently told  when some one asked H H Sri Mushnam Andavan about
taking of onions and garlics in our daily food
as these are having some medicinal benefits,  Andavan swamigal instantly
granted permission to consume onions & garlics
due its medicinal values but  adviced "NEVER EAT NV AT ANY COST".

We all strongly  believe that the guiding principle, our Aacharyan who leads
us in taking to God's path,  never advices against our well-being.
So let us follow this sincerely and if possible,  together we will create a
movement for a Pure Vegetarian Society.

All views and observations in this text is totally adiyens based on my
interpretations and my own understandings. So
I request BhAgavatAs to  correct me in places where I have mde references.


K Balaji

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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