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A doubt on how to offer taLigai to perumal

From: Kalyani Krishnamachari (
Date: Mon Jan 08 2001 - 10:10:03 PST

namaskaram!  aDiyEn has a doubt on how to offer
taLigai to our Attup perumAL.

aDiyEn's doubt -  all these days, aDiyEn has been
offering taLigai (amudu) to Attup perumAL - not in the
same vessel that aDiyEn cooks rice, but in a smaller
kiNNi - after adding ghee (aDiyEn always cooks rice +
some tuvaram paruppu together).  A relative said that
we should offer food only after making sure it is not
hot for perumAL.

Recently, two friends indicated that we have to take
the whole vessel to perumAL and say "Avi umakku, amudu
emakku" and that we should not take cold amudu to
perumAL. aDiyEn's mAmiyAr (late) had said that we
should place the whole vengalappAnai in which we make
cakkaraip pongal for pongal day when we offer food to
perumAL. aDiyEn's aunt (who was very orthodox)
used to take perumAL SALagrAmam to the kitchen and
offer amudu there itself after she removed the vessels
from the fire and placed on the side. 

Question is - should we take the whole vessel that is
hot and offer it hot 


should we take a small amount in a small vessel and
offer it not hot for KrishNan since He is a baby?

Is there a difference between offering food to
SALagrAmam and KrishNan(tavazhum KrishNan is what
aDiyEn's mother offered and we have sALagrAmams

SrI ranganAtha divya maNi pAdukAbyAm nama:
Kalyani Krishnamachari

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