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From: Gopi Krishna (
Date: Thu Jan 04 2001 - 19:56:04 PST

Dear Poojya Sris,

Love and Pranams.

The following doubt is nagging me for quite some time. May I request you to clear my doubt and enlighten me with your answers.

What is the meaning of this srishti? Why God has to do this Srishti at all? What is the basic idea behind it? Having created it, why has HE created both good and bad people. As we all know, Ravans and Hiranyakasypas turned against HIM and HIS devotees, ravaged Ashramas of Rishis and killed innumerable Sages and God Himself has to descend on earth to save His devotees. What is this all? God would have created only good people so that there will not be any problems whatsoever in the society. Every one would have been a righteous man and spend their tiem in praise of Lord always. What is the essence and purpose of this Srishti? May I request you to think it over and enlighten me.



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