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Re: Selected excerpts from MahA VidvAn Sri U.Ve. PerukkAraNai Swamy's ThiruppAvai Monograph: Part XXII-> Fifteenth day : ellE iLankiLiyE Dinam

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sun Dec 31 2000 - 11:30:31 PST

Srimathyai GodhAyai Nama:
SrimathE RaamAnujAya Nama:

Dear BhakthAs: In Yesterday's posting , adiyEn did 
not cover the literal menaings of the "YellE iLankiLiyE"
paasuram . 

Here it is according to Dr.V.K.N.S.Raghavan:

(In the group of the awakening songs of ten maidens ,
namely pasasurams (6-15) ,this paasuram is the last one 
and is set in the form of conversation between the maidens
at the the threshhold of a house and the God-intoxicated
maiden inside the house. 

{ The girls at the threshold }: Hello! young parrot-like 
damsel! are you fast asleep even now ?

(The maiden within answers): Do n't be harsh(lit. chilly) in 
calling me ; Oh girls of higher strand ! just now I am coming.

{ The group outside}: You can talk well.; we know it ( skill
in speech)already.

( The girl inside): As it is , you (all) are strong (in wordy
combat); does no't matter,let me the one (in harsh speech);
(my apologies to you for my harshness).

(The group outside): Come quickly and join us.with whom else
are you so engaged (being separated form us)?

( The girl inside): Have all (our friends) come already ?

( The girls outside): Oh Yes.they have come. May You come
out and take the roll call (lit.count for yourself). We 
would like to hear you sing in praise of our Lord , who
vanquished the unassailable elephant ( Kuvalayaapeedam,
the court elephant of Kamsan)and who is highly powerful
in destroying the enimity pertaining to His enemies.

After the awakening of the ten maidens , the prabhandham
of ANDAL gets "thought provoking". 

The "Ten codes of conduct for a Utthama Sri VaishNavan

In yesterday's posting , adiyEn referred to " the Ten
Commandements" of ANDAL as summarized by Sri BhUvarAhacchAr
Swamy based on the original commentary of Sri Azhagiya MaNavALa
PerumAL NaayanAr(AMP NaayanAr) in his 6000 Padi grantham. 

One of the keen students of ThiruppAvai from Chennai,
who also gives upanyAsam this season invited my attention to
the additional message identified by AMP NaayanAr. adiyEn
is pleased to acknowledge that information point and share 
it with you .

Sri BhUvarAhacchAr Swamy gave the combined meaning for
the Vaakyams: " ellArum pOndhAro pOndu yeNNikkoL"
AMP NaayanAr splits the above into two separate
groups : " ellArum pOndhAro + pOndu yennikkoL" .
This way the 11 th message emerges according to 
the input adiyEn has received from Chennai Bhakthar.

the commandments are as follows:

(10)"YellArum pOndArO" ? : Sri VaishNavarkaL yellOrum 
uddesyar(eligible ). irrespective of caste etc , all
Sri VaishNavAs are to be respected and are not to be 
ill treated (or discriminated in the Bhaagavatha GhOshti).

(11) "pOndu yeNNikkoL ": oruvar kuRainthAlum there is 
deficency ( kuRai) in Bhagavadh anubhavam.

adiyEn's thanks to our bhakthar from Chennai 
for enriching the anubhavam further.

Daasan , V.SatakOpan

P.S: We will now move on th the 16th Paasuram 
of ThiruppAvai .      

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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