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Introduction of a new member - A.R. Ramachandran

From: astapathri ramachandran (
Date: Thu Jan 27 2000 - 00:17:49 PST

Dear Vaishnavas,

I am a new member who has joined this list. I have
received information that I have to introduce myself.

I am A.R.Ramachandran, currently employed as Executive
- HRD, TVS Finance Limited, Chennai. I am a dvaitin
(ie. Madhvas) by birth and conviction.  However, I am
interested in learning about the larger Vaishnava
traditions, and hence my subscription to this list. I
am also seeking a similar list on Advaita also, but
have not been successful so far. I am a member of
dvaita list which is available at 

I have come to learn, and I am not sure as yet how to
contribute. I go through English books, and I believe
religious knowledge is possible only by Studies in
deference to Tradition. Therefore, I read books on
religion only by orthodox scholars and do not read 
indologists except when my aim is to have some fun.
In this connection, I have read on Visishtadvaita by
P.N. Srinivasachari and found it englightening. I try
to be critical, and do not seek easy ways to
understand our scriptures.  

Personally, I am learning sanskrit, and would like to
seek some good teacher/other students of Sanskrit with
whom I could study during our spare hours. I find this
difficult going (studying all alone).  If readers find
themselves in similar predicament/if there are
sanskrit study groups in chennai already available/if
learned contributors to the list could teach me
sanskrit. I would be eternally grateful. I am also
available for personal correspondence on these topics

I have gone through the archives and found it
interesting, and found the section on Sri Vishnu
Sahasranaama very enlighening.  I pray to  my ishta
devata, Sri Lakshmi Hayagriva to bless the list and
all the people behind it - readers, contributors and
administrators alike.

Many, Many Regards, Best Wishes and Prayers,

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