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nAcciyAr tirumozhi XIII kaNNan ennum karum deyvam 1-10

From: Kalyani Krishnamachari (
Date: Wed Jan 26 2000 - 01:35:47 PST

      SrI ANDAL samEta SrI rangamannAr tiruvaDigaLE

General Introduction to nAcciyAr tirumozhi XIII –
kaNNan ennum karum deyvam

In the previous pAsuram, ANDAL begged her elders to
please take her to all the places associated with
kaNNan. In order to fulfill her wishes, they need to
have strength in their feet. Even if they undergo all
that hardship, they will have to place godai in a bed
and carry her also; even then, they cannot be sure if
in her condition she will be alive till they reach the
destination.  Knowing the cause of their hesitation,
godai tells them “Knowing what trauma I am going
through because of my separation from Him, if you
really want me to be alive, at least 
do this: bring me anything that has some association
with His tirumeni.  If I come in touch with things
related to Him I may survive this ordeal.  If you keep
on saying that I should not be bringing infamy to our
kulam by pining for Him, that is not going to help me.
 Please get me in contact with something that He has
touched, if your desire is to try to keep me alive
under the circumstances”.  

Meanings from SrImAn SaDagOpan's tamizh treatise:

pASuram 13.1 (thirteenth tirumozhi-pAsuram 1 kaNNan
ennum karum deyvam)

kaNNan ennum karum deyvam kAtci pazhagik kiDappEnaip
 puNNil puLippu eydARpOlap puRa ninRu azhagu pESAdE
piNNin varuttam aRiyAda perumAn araiyil pIdaka
 vaNNa Adai koNDennai vATTam taNiya vISIrE

I am deeply involved with the dark-hued, divine
kaNNapirAn, and am used to visualizing the scenes of
my prior association with Him.  When you keep advising
me that my behavior is not right and that I should
direct my mind towards things other than kaNNan, it is
like pouring sour tamarind on a hurting wound.   Even
though kaNNan is very hard-hearted and does not know
what a woman goes through in pining for Him, please do
bring the beautiful pItAmbaram that He has worn on His
sacred waist and use it to blow some air over me. 
Even the contact with the air that has association
with His pitAmbaram will remove my viraha tApam or the
torture of separation from Him.   
pASuram 13.2 (thirteenth tirumozhi-pAsuram 2 pAl

pAl Alilaiyil tuyil kONDa paraman valaip paTTu
 vElAl tunnam peydARpOl vENDiRRu ellAm pESAdE
kOlAl nirai meyttu AyanAik kuDandaik kiDanda kuDam Adi
nIlAr taNNam tuzhAi koNDu en neRi men-kuzhal mEl

In the second pAsuram, ANDAL does mangaLASasanam to
ArAvamudan, who is lying on AdiSeshan in tirukkuDandai
on the banks of hEma pushkariNi.

I am caught in the net of	 the paraman who slept on
the tender-most of the banyan leaves.   Do not use
words as you please that painfully pierce my body like
spears. That kaNNapirAn who played the role of a
cowherd boy and played the kuDak-kUttu when He was in
AyarpADi, is reclining in tiruk kuDandai on the
AdiSeshan.  Go to Him and bring the beautiful, green,
cool, tulasi garland that He has worn, and put it on
my thick, soft hair.  By this alone you can save me.
pASuram 13.3 (thirteenth tirumozhi-pAsuram 3 kanjaik

ka’njaik kAinda karuvillik kaDaikaN ennum Siraik kOlAl
 ne’nju UduruvavE uNDu nilaiyum taLarndu naivEnai
anjEl ennAn avan oruvan avan mArbu aNinda vanamAlai
 va’njiyAdE tarumAgil mArvil koNarndu puraTTIrE

All my thoughts have been invaded by the arrows in the
form of the glance that He threw at me with His eyes
with the beautiful bow-like eye-brows.  My mind is
totally devastated by not being able to reach Him, and
this condition is further worsened since this
destroyer of kamsan does not even care to say to me
not to grieve and that He will be with me soon.  If
you can successfully get the vana mAlai that He has
worn on His chest without being tricked by Him, then
please bring it and roll it over my chest so that the
wounds that have been caused by His sight at me will
be healed.

pASuram 13.4(thirteenth tirumozhi-pAsuram 4 ArE
ulakattAr )

ArE ulagattu ARRuvAr Ayar pADi kavarndu uNNum
 kAr Eru uzhakka uzhakkuNDu taLarndum muRIndum
ArA amudam aNaiyAn tan amuda vAyil Uriya
 nIr  tAn koNarndu pularAmE parukki iLaippai nIkkIrE

This dark-hued kaNNan, who has the pastime of
attracting the AyarpADi girls by His beauty, is
torturing me more and more (by not coming to me), and
I am very sick and weak as a result.  There is no one
in this world who can console me and make me feel
better.  This kaNNapirAn is sweet like nectar, and no
amount of enjoyment of Him can satiate the thirst of
those who enjoy Him.  If you can bring the nectarine
juice that is associated with His mouth and give it to
me for me to drink, may be you can keep my body from
being dehydrated, and I may feel a bit less exhausted
as a result. 


pASuram 13.5(thirteenth tirumozhi-pAsuram 5 azhilum
tozhilum  )

azhilum tozhilum uruk kATTAn a’njEl ennAn avan oruvan
 tazhuvi muzhuSip pugundu ennaic cuRRic cuzhanRu
tazhaiyin pozhilvAi niraip pinnE neDumAl Udi varuginRa
 kuzhalin tuLaivAi nIr kONDu kuLira mugattut taDavIrE

This great emperumAn kaNNan does not reveal Himself to
anyone just because they plead for Him with immense
devotion, nor does He reveal Himself to those who pray
fervently and surrender to Him (until He decides it is
time to reveal Himself of His own will).  He does not
even console them by saying “Do not despair”.  All I
can think of are scenes of His embracing me tightly
and being all around me, and He does not leave my
thoughts ever.  If this kaNNan who plays His flute and
looks after the cows in AyarpADi does not willingly
give me anything that belongs to Him, at least get the
droplets of water that accumulate in the holes of His
flute, fall on the ground and go to waste, and apply
it on my face so that I can be cooled down.
pASuram 13.6(thirteenth tirumozhi-pAsuram 6 naDai onRu
illA  )

naDai onRu illA ulagattu nanda gOpan magan ennum
 koDiya kaDiya tirumAlAl kuLappuk kURu koLappaTTu
puDaiyum peyaragillEn nAn pOTkan miditta aDippATTil
 poDittAn koNarndu pUSIrgaL pOgA uyir en uDambaiyE

There is no one in this world who can tell this
nanadagopan kumaran kaNNan of the mistreatment He is
meting out to me.  He is behaving selfishly, is
merciless, and is hurting me like a bull which keeps
stampeding on the same ground over and over again.  I
am powerless to even move from one side to the other,
and He has the nature of taking hold of other girls’
minds after He is finished hurting me.  All the same,
please get at the least the dust from the place where
His Holy feet have trodden, and apply it all over my
body from which my life refuses to leave me because He
has control over it and I don’t. 

 pASuram 13.7(thirteenth tirumozhi-pAsuram 7 veRRik
karuLak koDiyAn  )

veRRik karuLak koDiyAn tan mImIdu ADA ulagattu
 veRRa veRidE peRRa tAi vEmbE Aga vaLarttALE
kuRRam aRRa mulai tannaik kumaran kOlap paNait tOLODu
 aRRa kuRRam avai tIra aNaiya amukkik kATTIrE

This kaNNan with garuDan on His victorious flag is
declared by the veda-s as the One whose Will cannot be
violated by anything in this Universe.  We were led to
believe that yaSodA really gave birth to Him when we
saw her feeding Him her milk, being harsh to Him when
He stole butter, etc.  But after all she was not His
real mother, and she failed miserably in bringing Him
up, with the net result that He is useless for anyone
and causes only harm to everyone.  Thus it is all her
fault that He is like this.   Unlike Him, I am
blemishless, and have kept my body and my life only so
that this youthful kaNNan with His broad and
magnificent shoulders can embrace it.  Even though He
refuses to come and embrace me who belongs to Him,
please take me and tightly bind me to Him so that He
will be united with me who belongs to Him.  

pASuram 13.8(thirteenth tirumozhi-pAsuram 8 uLLE urugi

uLLE urugi naivEnai uLaLO ilaLO ennAda
 koLLai koLLIk kurumbanai gOvarttananaik kaNDakkAl
koLLum payan onRillAda ko’ngai tannaik kizhangODum
 aLLip paRittiTTu avan mArvil eRindu en azhalai

godai is at her wits end; here is where she is
completely broken-hearted and says this with extreme
passion and despair:  “I am suffering deeply inside
and am also blabbering sadly something with utmost
pain. That person, whom everybody praises as
gOvardhanan and whose nature it is.  He has usurped
all that belonged to me.   If I ever see Him anywhere,
I will get rid of all my bodily signs of femininity by
even plucking my breasts that are of no use since He
does not want to come to me, and throw them at Him and
thus get rid of my sorrow.  
pASuram 13.9(thirteenth tirumozhi-pAsuram 9 kommai
mulaigaL )

kommai mulaigaL iDar tIra gOvindaRkOr kuRREval
 immaip piRavi SeyyAdE inip pOic ceyyum tavam tAn en?
Semmai uDaiya tiru mArvil SerndAn Elum oru gn~AnRu
 meymmai Solli mugam nOkki viDai tAN tarumEl miga

What is the greatness in performing kaimkaryam in SrI
vaikuNTham after reaching there through the arcirAdi
mArgam, if I cannot do intimate kaimkaryam to Him in
this birth right here and now by embracing Him with
all the desire that I have for Him?  His sacred vaksha
sthalam is meant only for being embraced by His close
and intimate devotees.  If He accepts me and takes me
into His arms and embraces me, well and good.
Otherwise, if He looks at me straight at my face and
speaks truthfully: “I don’t want to have anything to
do with you”, that is fine with me as well. (All He
has been doing is lying to me: He always said “I will
not leave you, if I ever leave you, I shall die”; it
will be good if He can at least speak the truth once).
pASuram 13.10(thirteenth tirumozhi-pAsuram 10 allal
viLaitta perumALai )

allal viLaitta perumAnai Ayar pADikku aNi viLakkai 
 villi puduvai nagar nambi viTTu cittan viyan kOdai
villait tolaitta puruvattAL vETkai uRRu miga virumbum 
 Sollait tugikka vallArgaL tunbak kaDaluL tuvaLArE

godai, who is of exceptional and flawless character, 
has beautiful eyebrows that defeat the appearance of a
bow, and is the daughter of periyAzhwAr, the leader of
SrIvilliputtUr, sang this song with intense and
unquenchable bhakti to embrace that emperumAn, who is
famous for causing mischief and grief to everyone in
AyarpADi but who is also the auspicious light for
those in AyarpADi. Those who can chant this tirumozhi
with devotion and sincerity will never have to suffer
the misery of the ocean of samsAra ever again.  

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sarvam SrIman nArAyaNAyEti samarpayAmi.

kalyANi kRshNamAcAri

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