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Periya Thirumozhi 7.9- arumaa kadal amudhE! unadhu adiyE saraNaamE..

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Wed Jan 26 2000 - 01:38:46 PST


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

In last ten, AzhwAr said "Empereumaan alone is our refuge". Here, AzhwAr 
says to us, "Don't listen to others (non -vedic religion's)
words. That alone can save you.. ".

1. "kaLLam manam viLLum vagaik karudhik kazhal thozhuveer!" Get rid of 
kaLLam (the robbed one- we have stolen from Him what belongs to Him..) in 
your heart and Oh BhAgawathAs, who desire for paying obeisance to (His) Feet 
(in order to get rid of that kaLLam)! Think of that SarvEshawran of SiRu 
puliyyor Divya Desam, where the Lord is reclining with the Thirunaamam 
(name) of Jalasayanan , the One who resides there as well as in adiyEn's 
heart permanently.

2. "uruvak kuRaL adigaL adi uNarmin uNarveerE ".. Oh BhAgawathAs, longing 
and desiring for the Feet of the small dwarf (Vaamanan)! The jains who carry 
oput such silly penance, loitering in the streets, eat the cured rice along 
with the filtered water even (kanji).. Don't litsen to their words.. Leave 
that and think of the Lord Jalasayanan of SiRu puliyoor Divya Desam, who is 
none other than small Beautiful Brahmacchari Vaamanan..

3.   "paRaiyum vinai thozhudhu uymin neer paNiyum siRu thoNdeer!" .. Oh SiRu 
thoNdeer! ones who desire for lowly materilistic and carnal pleasures! Leave 
and get rid of them and hold onto Emperumaan of SiRu puliyoor Divya Desam. 
All your sins will fly.. (vinai paRaiyum) . I do not think of anyone but the 
Lotus Feet of this SwamI.

4.   "aanaayanadhu adi alladhu onRu aRiyEnE.." The cowhed Boy Kutti KaNNan's 
Lotus Feet-- But for that, I (adiyEn) do not know of anything else. This 
Perumaan has under His possession even Sivan (who has the moon on his head), 
who resides in one part of Emperumaan's ThirumEni (Body) and Indran, the 
chief of Devas.. and who can say that "they are none other than I, as I am 
the antharyaami in them..". He, the SarvEshawaran, is the One who resides in 
SiRupuliyoor Jalasayanam.

5.  "anthaamarai adiyaay! unadhu adiyERkku aruL puriyE.. " Devas, everyday, 
pay their obeisance saying "Our Swami" at this SiRupuliyoor Jalasayanam.. Oh 
Emperumaan of this Divya Desam, who has beautiful red Lotus Feet! Please 
have mercy on adiyEn (me) so that I don't get again entrapped in this 
samsaara saagaram.. and I do get eternal servitude to You.. as Your dAsan..

6.  thozhu neermaiyadhu udaiyaar adi thozhuvaar thuyar ilarE... those 
BhAgawathAs, who pay their obeisance at the Lotus Feet of SiRupuliyoor 
Jalasayana Emperumaan, by their very nature. (and habituated to it..).. And, 
if one holds onto the feet of these graet BhAgawathAs- his sins will never 
be with him.. he will have no worries, sorrows.

7. Oh ThirumaalirunchOlai Most wonderful Lord! Are You in those Four Vedas? 
Are You in that great SiRupuliyoor Jalasyanam Divya Desam, where brahmins 
always groom agni with hOmam? Or Are You in the hearts of Your devotees 
(Your dAsars-servants..) ? I don't know. (please tell me.) (siRupuliyoor 
sayanatthaayO? unadhu adiyaar manatthaayO?)

8. Oh Most Purest faultless Emperumaan, who reclines and has Yoga nithrA on 
(five mouthed)ThiruvananthAzhwAn at SiRupuliyoor! I have been (blessed to 
be) able to get rid of the desire for the blue flower like darting eyed 
women, and been able to pay my obeisance to Your Lotus Feet, in order to 
save myself from further samsaaric afflictions and more births.. Please 
bless me for the same (for ever.)

9. (An excellent pAsuram! Those who know Tamil, please read this.. what 
rhyming words, and language!)

"karumaa mugil uruvaa! kanal uruvaa! punal uruvaa!
perumaal varai uruvaa! piRa uruvaa! ninadhuruvaa!
thirumaa magaL maruvum siRu puliyoor salasayanatthu/
arumaa kadal amudhE! unadhu adiyE saraNaamE..

Oh Blue hued cloud like coloured Emperumaan (the One who showers mercy like 
the dark clouds!) The Fiery Lord (for those who don't have devotion in You)! 
punal (water- stream) Lord of Sarva sowlabhyam like the water easily 
accessible to all!The unparalled, incomprehensible Emperumaan, like 
giagantic huge mountain! The One who is (the antharyaami in) other forms! 
the One who is in  Your natural Beautiful Form! the Oene who is at 
SiRupuliyoor Diva Desam, where You reside permanently, (along with Periya 
PiraaTTi) as the Most Sweetest Lord, like the nectar (amudham) that came out 
from the huge dark Milky Ocean (paaRkadal)! Your Lotus Feet alone is My 
Redemtion and refuge.. (nothing else..) (Please read the Tamil pAsuram 
again. for its sweetness like the Emperumaan Himself)

10. This ten is on Emperumaan of SiRupuliyoor whose Divine name is 
Jalasayanan, whose form is the most beautiful dark form like clouds; who is 
the chielf of Nithya sooris, and SarvEshwaran. It is composed by Kaliyan of 
Thirumangai. Those who read this ten on this earth, and hold on to this 
SarvEshwaran, will have no sins dare approach them..

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam


Narayana Narayana
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