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Some suggestions ...

From: Raman Kannan (
Date: Wed Jan 26 2000 - 03:43:45 PST

I read this Bhakti list between 5 and 6 AM everyday and sure enough
I am off to a great ..contentful day...

Particularly I enjoy the recent postings on Kurathazwan.
I am indebted to Mr. Sampath Kumaran for bringing Kurathazwan's bliss
in to our home. My kids and I myself have for the first time 
learned of this great Acharya.

Perhaps we were enjoying too much...I see the moderator's post
with a gentle reminder.

I am concerned and summarily do not agree but Bhakti forum is not
meant for ironing out these procedural differences. I would not
read this list between 5 and 6 AM if it were. I will correspond
with the moderator directly.

For those of you who wish to continue to "generously" share
what you have read on our great Acharyas, here is a suggestion.

I will host your entire article on a private website as is
open to all for visits. You can submit URLs to this list.
Subject to few reasonable conditions (see below).

Therefore, we would be in compliance without much loss on either side.
Those of us who want to read can pursue the link...those who
want to skip may also skip without too much effort.

Selfish, I am in making this offer for I want to have access to
these lucid and informal expositions.

Thank you

Subject matter MUST be on vedas (language indpendent), 
Acharyas (philosophy independent), Hindu Temples of
the world ( location independent ). Articles may not be negative
or may not be critical of people, philosophy or any other 
religion or other ways of living.
 Interested parties please contact me