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addendum to SiRupuliyoor (Periya Thirumozhi 7.9 pAsurams)

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Wed Jan 26 2000 - 02:01:26 PST


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

The information on this SiRupuliyoor Divya Desam:

It is near Mayavaram, on the way from Maayvaram to aRanthaangi.

Moolavar: AruL maakadal. (remeber 9th pAsuram- arumaakadal amudhE! )
Jalasayana perumAL. Facing South.

Uthsavar- Krupaa samudhra perumAL (what Beautiful Name!) again this means- 

Prathyaksham to Vyasar and Vyaagrapaadhar.

Sthala vishEsham:
1. It is told ThirumagaiazhWar was feeling that the Moolavar (reclining 
from) Bhujanga sayanam is quite smaller than other Divya Desams. Immediately 
Lord told AzhwAr Please go and be blessed to enjoy My Huge Form at 
ThirukkaNNa mangai (that is Periya Thirumozhi 7.10- wher AzhwAr says, 
ThirukkaNNa mangaiyuL kaNdu koNdEnE)

2. Vyaagra paadhar, it is told, did penance on Sivan and asked for the legs, 
hands, and eyes of a tiger (puli) (I don't know what for) and was asked 
(instructed) by Sivan to perform his ArAdhanam everyday here to PerumAL and 
later he was blessed by PerumAL to attain Sri VaikuNtam. His bimbham can be 
found below the Feet of Emperumaan.


Narayana Narayana
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