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Re: Morality

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Tue Jan 25 2000 - 16:18:51 PST


Dear Sri Mukunda Vijayaraghavan,

Your questions are good and thought provoking. They are in all our minds.
Let me add little of what I perceive.

Being KooratthAzhwAn's Thirunakshathram today, I would like to take AzhwAn 
as an examaple for first question with regard to morality.

1. Can there be any of us, who is so learned and intelligent as AzhwAn? He 
had read the whole Brahma soothram commentary in three four days time, on 
the way (that too when Ramanuja did not even notice- may be when he slept- 
means how many hours could he have read!) and re wrote the whole.

2. Can any of us could be as wealthy as AzhwAn? (having such a wealth that 
he closes the dorr of his home at 2 a.m - annadaanam finishes at that time.. 
till then BhAgawathAs kept coming in..)

3. Can we be better kulam that he was in?

In spite of all that he rembered himself as simply "Ramanujar's Thiruvadi.." 
vanja mukkuRumbaam kuzhiyaik kadakkum KooratthAzhwAn.."

He alone is our example, role model. If we can attempt to achive one 
fraction of what he was, did.. it is superb..

For children (and oursleves) not to go to drinks, etc.., we need to be 
pious, religious and be example to them.. If we start walking in half 
trousers, (with no vEshti, leave alone pancha kaccham), smoke, drink in 
parties, in their presence, forget doing sandhis.. how do we expect our 
chidren to follow...? We are at least having this semblance of these thought 
thanks to our parents' strict adherence to our traditions. We ned to pass 
down to future generations.

If we are young, and yet to be married, have the Vairgayam.. of Swamy 
Desikan, AzhwAn.. I know there are temptations. Think of our gloriuos 
religion, philosophy. Think of decaying (beastial- ) marriages of west. 
India is the only country - where (I hope) marraige is still considered 
sacred ;

2. Is our religion narrow minded or universal?

The best thing again is Vedas- It is authorless, and our religion is based 
on that. If it is on an individual's sermons, there is a possibility of 
bias, prejudice.

Alavandhar's sthOthra Rathanm solves all our doubts. If one belives in 
Vedas, he will belive everything of Sri Ramanuja. There is no question or 
looking at someone, and convincing him, if one does not belive in Vedas, and 
is interested inone particluar individual's concocted opinion as Vedha 

Hope it does not confound your confusion.


Narayana Narayana

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