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Proceedings of 3rd Bay Area NAMA Sri Vaishnava Sathsangham
Date: Tue Jan 25 2000 - 14:28:28 PST

Sri Raamajayam
SrimathE GopAla DEsika MahADEsikAya Namaha

Dear Bhagavathaas,

On Sunday the 23rd Jan 2000, we had gathered at the residence of
Smt.Malathi and Sri.Parthasarathy, to celebrate the Thiru
Nakshathiram(Birthday) of our beloved Thirumazhisai Azhvaar(23rd
Jan, Thai Makam) and Koorathazhvaan(26th Thai Hastham).  A lot of
Bhagavathaas showed up unmindful of the rains.  The event started
with a brief rendering of Guru Parampara/Acharya Thaniyan,
followed by Thirupaavai, Nyaasa Dasaksam and Sri.Sudarsanashtakam
all the serene and richly decorated Perumaal Sannidhi of

Sri Vijay Triplicane, was the star of the day, speaking on
Thirumazhisai Azhvaar.  The Upanyaasam of Sri.Vijay needs a
definite mention, since it stressed on the Azvhaars Avathaaram,
Vaibhavam as well as a beautiful rendering with explanation on
Thiruchanthaviruttham.  Sri.Vijay brought rich inferences, where
we are and who he is(Perumaal), comparing notes of Nammazhvaar,
Thirumangai Azhvaar and Andaal(we are 'Arivonrum illaatha Aai
Kulathu' and he is 'Kurai Onrum illatha Govindhan') and his grace
is like a waterfall gushing into the great holes of our
weaknesses, filling it with his compassion.  The very first verse
of Thiruchanthaviruttham, was explained so well, that Adiyen and
many others could think of nothing but our Azhvaar and Perumaal.

 "Poonilaya ainthumaai punarkkan ninra naangumaai   
  Theenilaya Moonrumaai Siranthakaalirandhumaai
  Meenilaya Onrumaagi Veru Veru Thanmaiyai
  Neenilaaya Vannam Ninnai Yaar Ninaikka Vallarae?"

The gist for other Bhagavathaas is, that the Azhvaar says the
Bhoomi has five properties, Water Four, Fire three, Wind two and
the Sky one and all of these Panchbootham is encompassed in your
mightiness, and who can get a complete picture and think of you
in total?

Sri Vijay continued with, Azhvaar assuming responsibility of
Perumaal as his son, and continues with the Paasuram "Nadantha
Kaalgal Nonthavoe......Ezhunthu Pesu Kesava".  The Perumaal has
wandered through forests(as in Sri.Rama, Kanagamellam thirinthu
Un Kariya Thirumaeni Vaada, Periyaazhvaar Paasuram) and has
measured the world with his feet(Ulagalantha Perumaal).  The
Azhvaar is concerned that his little boy, Chella Kannan, feet
should be paining.  The Azhvaar is so much pained that he demands
the lord to answer him.  Of course our Lord is Adiyaarku Adiyaar,
how can he not answer his father, he consoled our Azhvaar that
indeed he is fine.....  Then there was this famous incident of
the Queen who in her Poorva-rajabhogam, was a old woman doing
kaimkaryam to Azhvaar, who got transformed to a Yuvathi, by
Azhvaar and got married to the King.  The King in his greed to
regain his youth, demands this service from Kanikannan(brother
from Azhvaars adopted parents), who refuses the King and the King
banishes him.  Azhvaar was pained and demands his near and
dear(including Perumaal) to pack and leave the kingdom.  Of
course our 'Sonna Vanna Seitha Perumaal' of Thiruvekkha
(Yathokthakaari), folds his Pambanai(Adisesha), and walks behind
Azhvaar like a obedient son.  The King realizes his folly and
seeks pardon at the feet of the Azhvaar.  Sri.Vijay narrated
several other incidents in the Azhvaars life(like indicating the
Vedas to brahmins who stopped reciting when they saw the Azhvaar
and forgot where they left) and Azhvaar displaying Sriman
Naarayana in him.

At the end of the Upanyaasam we realized that our schedule was
delayed by 1.5 hrs, since everyone including Sri.Vijay were
engrossed in Thirumazhisai Azhvaar.  We continued with Thaligai
Samarpanam(it was like Maya Bazaar, Smt/Sri.Parthasarathy along
with their near and dear made a grand feast for Perumaal, that
Adiyen have to harden the stand that we should partake less of
food in future to make more time for Azhvaar and Perumaal
Anubhavam.  Anyway it was Adiyen's fault for n> ot making it
clear upfront and have to be the guy complaining about such a
grand meal.  Bhagavathaas please pardon me for this Apachaaram).

 Having feasted well, we continued with Adiyen's Siru Upanyaasam
 on Koorathazhvaan.  Adiyen presented a brief charithram of
 Azhvaar and his greatness in our Sampradayam.  Adiyen chose to
 speak more on Azhvaan's works(Panchasthavam) which speak for
 itself, taking a sloka from each of the Sthavam.  Adiyen
 emphasized the importance of an Acharya and his words as
 Pramaana, taking the lead shown by Koorathazhvaan.  In this
 context, Adiyen tried to substantiate how Koorathazhvaan words
 were like "Thirumangalyam" if Vedas were a richly decorated
 lady, thus justifying Parasara Bhattar's words on Azhvaan.  In
 conclusion we recited Koorathazhvaan Vazhi Thirunaamam together.

 Then we had a feast for our eyes and ears in the presentation of
 Acharya Ramanuja Multimedia CD ROM, and it took everyone in
 amazement by this monumental efforts put into realizing this
 masterpiece.  Adiyen has set up a table under 'database' at, where Bhagavathaas can reserve a CD for
 them and their near and dear.

 It was already 3pm(we were supposed to close by 12.15pm), but we
 were still not content.  So Sri.Krishna Parthasarathy, continued
 to please Azhvaar and us, with "Brova Bhaarama" and
 Naeyar(Sangeetha Abhimaani) Viruppam.  It is delightful to see
 such talented Sri Vaishnavites emerging in the Bay Area. We
 continued with a Mangala Aarathi for Azhvaar and Perumaal, and
 we brought the function to Sampoornam.

 Then most of us proceeded towards the Thirupaavai concert at the
 residence of Smt.Rama Narasimha and Sri.M.J.Narasimha...Adiyen
 will mail a seperate posting on this function, as it was equally
 delightful towards Perumaal, Acharyas and us.
 Adiyen Sri Raamanuja Daasan,
 Sudarsana Dasosmi