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Please refrain from flooding the Bhakti List

From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Tue Jan 25 2000 - 12:17:39 PST

Dear Members,

I am glad to see lively discussions taking place on the
Bhakti List. However, please keep in mind a few
guidelines, which I have mentioned many times before:

(a) Please consult with me before starting a new "series"
    of posts. This group is primarily for discussions and
    questions & answers, not for solo expositions of doctrine
    or history.

(b) If one is embarking on a series, it is strongly advised
    that posts be made only once every two or three days,
    so that members are not overwhelmed.

(c) If one is to engage in solo expositions of doctrine, some
    semblance of study and research of our purvacharyas'
    opinions on the matter is strongly urged.

(d) In all cases, please do not flood the list with articles.
    Keep your volume down to one or two per day at the most. 
    Please leave room for others to contribute. If there are
    special circumstances which require greater volume, consult
    me first.

In essence, the Bhakti List is neither to be used as a personal
soapbox or a place to merely exhibit one's erudition.