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From: Jayanthi Raghavan (
Date: Tue Jan 25 2000 - 00:05:44 PST

Shree Raama,
   I posted this question to the list once before but i did not recieve
many replies so i presumed it was due to some problem on my end.  My
question to all of you bhagavathas is what role does morality play in
our lives and our faith?  In terms of morality i mean like drinking
alcohol, pre-martial sex and so on.  I kind of think this question is
important especially today and for us younger generation kids.  From my
understanding if the idea of good and evil are only relative while one
is in samsara then how does a absolute idea of morality fit in.  Is not
morality a personal thing?  I have a belief that though morality is in a
sense relative through it one can cultivate very spiritual practices and
attitude if done in the correct mind set, ie not so much as it is the
right thing to do but more so in the view that one must try and remain
pure and treat one's body as a temple of the Lord Narayana.  

   My second question comes in this form.  How liberal or universal is
our Shree Vaishnava faith?  I am asking this question because i have
this faith that our shree vaishnavite beliefs are universal and are the
eternal vedic truths but sometimes some very conservative beliefs creep
up and sadden me.  Thank you for your time and please excuse any of my
mistakes or wrongdoings.
Shree Raama
Shree Ramanujaya Namah
-Mukunda Vijaya Raghavan