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oodalum thiruttum

From: Krishnan (
Date: Mon Jan 24 2000 - 17:36:38 PST

Fm: Velukkudi Krishnan
20th Jan 99.

Dear Bhagavatas,
Description of vennai tirudiya kannan was superb. There can be no match to
Kannan's cestitam when compared with other avataras. Even within Kannan's
own doings, there can be no match to navanIta chauryam. We can only say
"eppozhudum nAl tingal andu Uzhi Uzhidorum appozhudaikku appozhudu en arA
amudam". Let me just add a small incidence to this tiruttu.

Nammazhwar's Udal is minnidai madavargal. He is angry on Krishna that he did
not come to Parankusa nayaki as per the time committed. So azhwar shuts the
doors and pushes Kannan to go out. First verse goes as "ennudaya pandum
kazhalum tandu pogu nambi" - return my ball and go out - O gunapUrna!

Surprisingly the last verse talks about navanIta chauryam. "aychiyagi
annayal angu vennai varthayul seetramundezhu kootha appan. " Aychi just
asked "Kanna ! I had kept vennai here. it is missing . Did you see ? "
Immediately Krishna is so angry and replies " Are you telling I took it ?"
His reply makes it so obvious.

Now, why does azhwar start sending out Krishna in the first verse and ends
with Krishna's plight with aychi. There is a beautiful connection.
Eventhough azhwar is pushing Krishna out, He does not move and stands there
still. If He hears to azhwars words, He will have to move. As per His liking
to Azhwar, He cannot move. He is in a fix whether to move or not. Same is
the case in vennai tirudiya kannan also. When Yasoda ties him down, He would
like to run away to futher steal. But not able to since he wants to obey
Yasoda also. Moreso since he is tied down. Neither he could stay nor could
run away. This scene in gokulam, comes before azhwar's eyes, looking at
Krishna standing outside in a fix. And so he concludes the last verse with
tiruttu kannan. Kindly recall "nApagacchan na tishthan mithya gopa: "

Sri U. Ve Velukkudi Vardachariar swamy used to say, "tirudan tirudi
pArtirukkirom - tirruttu tirudi pArtirukkiromA" i.e. a robber would rob -
will robbery rob. Yes - in the case of Krishna. How ? If he think about his
robbery  our karmas get robbed. Avan seyda tiruttu nam papangalai tirudum.

In sahasranama , one of Krishna's tirunamam is "satkriti:" - bhattar
comments 'one who has deeds that can remove our samsara bandha'.

Krishna ceStitamE saranam.