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Re. MadurAntakam Swamigal

From: Vijayaraghavan Srinivasan (
Date: Mon Jan 24 2000 - 11:32:45 PST

Dear Bhaghavata UttamAs:

The floodgates of our AchAryA’s grace have been thrown open and it is 
currently engulfing the city of Buffalo.  More and more people are coming 
forward to join the kaimkaryam for celebrating the Centenary of one of the 
greatest acharyA’s of the previous century Shri MadurAntakam 
Veeraraghavacharya Swamigal.  What has inspired these people is the fact 

(1) Here is a great mahAn who had dedicated his entire life to Sri 
Vaishnavism and by his personal example exemplified the NigamAntha Maha 
Desika Darsanam.
(2)   The celebration provides an opportunity to bring to the forefront his 
contributions that had and will enrich Sri Vaishnavas’ life for all 
(3) In addition, the celebration will honor hundreds of Vedic scholars and 
BhaghavatAs and feed poor BrahmanAs.
(4) The savings from these funds will also be used for the ongoing project 
on popularizing Shri NigamAntha Maha DesikA’s works.

The following are the collections so far received:

>From the city of Buffalo:
1. Sathya Natha Iyer: 		Rs. 45,600.00
2. Vaidehi and Vijayaraghavan:	$225.00
3. Shobha & Sunder rangachari:	$150.00
4. Vilasini Shanbhag:		$150.00
5. K. S. Parikh:		$101.00
6. Shanthi and Rajendran:	$100.00
7. Srinivasan & Jaya Rajagopalan:$108.00
8. Mala Nemi:			$108.00
9. Manohar Wagle:		$100.00
10. Nilofar and Suresh Sofat	$100.00
11. Mona and Kailash Lall	$100.00 (pledged)
12. Asha and Kishore Divan	$100.00 (pledged)
13. Nancy and Tejnath Kaul:	$51.00
14. Surabhi Kakati:		$25.00

>From Other places:
1.  Nachu Anbil (our Anbil Swamin’s son): $1000.00
2. Chitra Madhavan:			: $201.00
3. Shri Srinath Chakravarthy		: $150.00
4. Shri T. A. Varadhan			: $108.00
5. Shri Desikan Vijayaraghavan (Son-in-law of Anbil Swamigal) 			: $100.00
6. Shri T. R. Govindarajan		: $25.00

I am indeed grateful to all the great BhaghavatAs and as you can notice most 
of the people from Buffalo are anya Devata worshippers.  They have cut 
across the barriers that hold people and have recognized what is good for 
their soul.  I pray to EmperumAn that He not only bless them with a Sri 
Vaishnava birth (in this life itself) but also help them retain the noble 
spirit of generosity that they are endowed with.  Most of these people are 
looking forward to the Samprokshanam this summer at POMONA.

I request Shri Madhavakkannan to kindly update us on the fund collection 
status at Singapore.  I hope more Bhakti members will open their hearts and 
join this effort.  Please send in your cheques (in favor of SMSA) to Smt. 
Nagu Satyan.  Those who contribute at the $100 or $150 level will get 
wonderful upanyasam cassettes.

Dasan Vijayaraghavan
Buffalo, NY

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