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Date: Mon Jan 24 2000 - 09:12:30 PST

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>Subject: About the Bhaktas and Bhakti
>Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 01:44:05 +0100
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>Dear Fellow-travellers,
>Avidly, and with great interest, have I been following our discussions. I
>want to raise a question about which, I hope, you will do some thinking
>before answering -- if at all. Is bhakti what the bhaktas do, or are people
>bhaktas because they 'follow' (bad choice of words, but there is no other
>way to put it) the 'bhakti marga', or is bhakti *neither* of the two? I mean
>to ask you the following: is the bhakta moved because, for example, the
>child who stole the butter happens to be the *Kannan*, or because the
>*child*, who also happens to be the Lord, stole the butter? If it is the
>first, it is *worthless*: it is the same as being a sycophant (as the
>Americans would put it: one sucks up to ...).

Can u elaborate on how it is worthless?

 If the second, it is false:
>surely, we are not moved to tears when our children steal and then lie about

When the mother gets to hear from a child: "'I' did not steal" and, as
>proof, gets to see the 'vishwarupa' (in the mouth where the speech manifests
>itself) and 'sees' the Cosmos (all that ever was, is and shall be) in an
>'I' -- what is the question, and what the answer?

No question, no answer! what is your question?
>In the hope that bhakti will not become a show of sentimentality,
>Yours truly,

In my understanding, people like me who are neither bhaktas nor prapannas but are only enthusiasts, do like kannan's pastime mentioned
above, for the following two reasons:

1. It is the pastime of the Loveliest Baby earth has ever seen. 

2. That Baby happens to be the parabrahman and vice versa, according to all valid Hindu texts like Vedas, (vedic) upanishats, brahma sutras, itihasas, saattvic puranas and Aptatamas (very dear to the jeevas) like valmiki, parasara, vyasa. It is the true nature of jeevas to love Him and glorify Him. Every pastime of His is divine. to say those who praise Him are sychophants and getting moved by His pastimes is worthless is rubbish.  

Staement one and two are interlinked.

That baby showed universes in His mouth, only because He was parabrahman. Everything is within Him ad He is within everything. It is not possible for jeevas to do that. Thus the "I" here is purushottaman. we can never be Him.

sacchitasayi bhujagendrasayi nandanka sayi kamalanka sayi - sankaracharya


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