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Periya Thirumozhi 7.8- vEdhap poruLai ellaam parimukhamaay aruLiyavan....

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Thu Jan 20 2000 - 21:12:52 PST


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

Last ten, AzhwAr performed saraNAgathy at Emperumaan's lotus feet, 
apprehended of the five senses. PerumAL consoled him saying "I am here at 
Divya Desams only for protecting you". AzhwAr now tells us the same in this 

1. With The recitation of gloriuos great Vedas, the performance of five 
yaaghams, the learning of sruthis, the great vedic scholars Brahmins who 
carry out the above and who have the calibre like that of chathur mukha 
brahmmA- reside at Thiruvazhundhoor. This is like a beautiful ornament to 
the whole world. Here, Emperumaan, enjoys staying permanently. the One who 
is the Chief of Nithyars; the One whose tender beautiful, golden divine 
lotus feet are gently squeezed and massaged by the beautiful Periya PiraaTTi 
and BhUmi PiraaTTi, who is praised by Sanakaadhi rishis; who reclines and 
has His Yoga nithrA on the bed of striped ThiruvananthAzhwAn on Huge vast 
Ocean; SarvEshwaran. Enjoy looking at Him... (be blessed.) ("vari aravaNaith 
thuyinRa maayOn kaaNmin")

2. Thiruvazhundhoor is full of beautiful ponds, wherein the swans swim along 
with their mates, and where the red paddy fields dance to the tune of gentle 
breeze. The Lord of this Divya Desam is the master of Nithyasooris; the One, 
who (when the  rishis and Devas were baffled and worried with the greatest 
dense darkness engulfed everywhere with an~jnAnam in "iruL tharumaa 
jnAnalm"), appeared from Paramapadham as white Hayagrivan (horse faced) and 
taught Vedas and saasthras. He is our Swami. Enjoy looking at Him... (be 
blessed.) ("pannukalai naal vEdhap poruLai ellaam parimukhamaay aruLiya 
emparaman kaaNmin")

3. Thiruvazhndhoor is blessed with the river Cauveri's swift currents of 
flows which sweep aside the agil, sandal branches of trees, golden, and gem 
stones along with its waters to the banks; The Emperumaan of this fertile 
Divya Desam is the Lord of Nithyars; He is the One who had saved the 
elephant GajEdnran, (it was caught by the crocodile) when it had called Him, 
"Oh jyOthiswaroopA!" and removed its mental and physical agony. He is the 
purest (free of blemishes) Lord, who blessed adiyEn. Enjoy looking at Him... 
(be blessed.)

4. the Lord of Thiruvazhundhoor, (where the bees hum and sing, while flying; 
the cuckoos sing and peacocks dance to that tune; the river waters flow 
beautifully by the side of charming gardens); is the master of Nithyasooris; 
He is the One who had appeared as the Huge Varaaha Moorthy (appeared as huge 
mEru mountain with gem stone impregnated on it) and brought back the BhUmi 
PiraaTTi from troubled waters keeping Her on His horn; That most graceful 
Emperumaan is my Lord; Enjoy looking at Him... (be blessed.)

5.  Emperumaan of Thiruvazhundorr, where women folk, beautiful with their 
bimbha fruit like lips, speaking sweetly like parrot, walks gracefully like 
swan; reside permanently, is the Chief of Nithyasooris. He had appeared as 
the Lion faced Huge ferocious Narasingan, and tore open the strong chest of 
hiraNyakasipu. Also the most wonderful Lord, Kutti KaNNan sucked the breast 
of the raakshasi, Poothanai. Enjoy looking at Him... (be blessed.)

6. PerumAL of Thiruvazhundorr, which is full of lovely tall buildings, 
beautiful halls, palaces, and where brahmins of great AthmaguNAs, reside, is 
the master of Nithyasooris. He had appeared cunningly as a small dwarf form 
in Vaamana avattar, and measured the whole Universe and brought everything 
under His Feet. The most victorious Lord, the unparalleled Emperumaan the 
One who has the strongest shining, divine ChakrA in His resplendent hand, is 
my swami. Enjoy looking at Him... (be blessed.)

7.  Thiruvazhnodrr is know for its resident brahmins, who have the calibre 
like that of four faced BrahmA, and who recite the sanksrit Vedas and Tamizh 
pAsurams. ("senthamizhum vadakalaiyum thigazhndha naavar.)  Here the 
Emperumaan who resides permanently is the Chief of Nithyars. He had helped 
the PiraaTTi SitA, by going to lankA, where even sun cannot enter due the 
tall buildings,  and sending an arrow to make the ten strong heads of 
rAvaNan fall onto the ground. He alone is my SarvEshwaran. Enjoy looking at 
Him... (be blessed.)

8. Thiruvazhundhoor is fertile with the betel nut trees, where its fruits 
are reddish in colour like corals; its flowers look like pearls; its 
un-ripened fruits are so green like "maragatham"; the ramparts appear 
golden; the whole place is surrounded by beautiful gardens; - The Lord of 
this charming Divya Desam is the Chief of Nithyasooris; He is the one who 
fought with seven bulls and killed the same who broke the huge elephant's 
tusk and killed that; who joined and danced with other womenfolk of cowherd 
groups. the One who enjoyed stealing and eating the curd and butter kept in 
hidden place by His mother YashOdhA. H e is the Accharya bhUthan.
Enjoy looking at Him... (be blessed.)

9. Thiruvazhundhoor is full of fresh gardens; beautiful streets, nice 
houses, where at the verandas, young womenfolk comb their long hairs and 
adorn them with fragrant flowers. The Lord of this great Divya Desam is the 
master of Nithyars. He is the One who had killed kamsan, the wrestler 
mushtikan, the one ho broke the bow; who kicked the wheel (sakatAsuran), 
killed the elphant (kuvalauyaapeetam), the One who has the peerless, 
strongest shining, victorious ChakrAyudham in His Hand. SarvEshawaran- My 
Swami. Enjoy looking at Him... (be blessed.)

10. The One who appeared as Varaaham, Fish, Singam (Lion), who created, 
protected the Universe, swaollowed and brought out the worlds (during mahA 
praLayam), - Sarvaadhikaaran; He is the One who is here at Thiruvazhundhoor, 
at whose feet, Indran, BrahmA, Sivan fall and prostrate.- the master of 
Nithyasooris. This ten is on that greatest Emperumaan of Thiruvazhundhoor, 
which is like the jewel on the earth. It is composed by Kaliyan, the chief 
of Thiruvaali naadu. Those who learn this sweet ten pAsurams, will be 
blessed with: being ruler of the whole world, and be considered equal to 
celestial beings namely Devas.

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam


Narayana Narayana
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