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Fwd: Chandra Grahana Sankalpam
Date: Thu Jan 20 2000 - 11:39:42 PST


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<< Anything south of Mt. Meru should be considered Bharata Varsha and even if 
one resides in America the sankalpam Bharata VarshE etc. will remain the 
same.  This is the  opinion given by either the Prakritam or Thirukudandai 
Andavan. >>

Dear Sri Jagan
The entire world is said to be south of Meru including Bharatha Varsha and 
Ramanaka Varsha etc. But, Bharatha Varsha does not seem to be correct. It 
should be "Mero: DakshinE PArsvE but Ramanaka VarshE"

<The eclipse begins at 9.05PM est and will end in the early hours of the 
Most Panchangams and American almanacs place the beginning at about 10.01pm.  

<One should have a bath before and after the eclipse.  (The second 
bath will have to be maanasikam because of the time of day).
The second SnAnam (whether mAnasikam or otherwise) is only optional, so far 
as my understanding goes. If you have any authority that they are obligatory, 
please let me know. I have made this point in my subsequent posting.

<  Japam done during this time will have multiple effects of japam done 
during regular time.>
I have invited attention to this also in my said posting.
Anbil Ramaswamy