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Re: Chandra Grahana Timings
Date: Thu Jan 20 2000 - 08:28:26 PST

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<< When are we supposed to bath and do the tarpanam.
 Is it at the time of "pedithal"(catching) or "vidudal"(leaving).
 As per the tarpanam book, it says that for Surya grahanam, we
 have to take bath at the starting of the grahanam and for
 chandra grahanam we have to bath at the start of leaving. For
 both, after the grahanam is complete, we have to bath one more
 time. Is this correct? >>
Dear Bhagavatas
I am copying my reply to the above query for the information of other 
Bhagavatas who may have similar doubts.
Anbil Ramaswamy
Dear friend
There are differences of views among scholars on these. But, the generally 
accepted view is that as PunyakAlam extends throughout the period of 
visibility (yAvath darsana gOchara:). SnAnam can be done at the time of 
beginning of the eclipse as a prerequisite for any Karma 
(SnAna-DhAna-hOma-Archana-Japa-SrAddhAdhi) Vide Page 45 of Aahnika Grantha of 
our Prakritam HH. Azhagiyasinghar.

In the words "muchyamAne bhavEt dhAnam" though generally "dhAnam" is used, it 
includes the "TilOdaka dhAnam" offered to Pitrus. Therefore, the TharpaNam 
should be done at the "start of leaving". This is common for both Surya 
GrahaNam and Chandra GrahaNam- (Vide page 46 ibid.)

I could not come across any authority prescribing a second SnAnam after the 
completion of the eclipse. Maybe, you can take bath any number of times, but 
not as a must!

By way of additional information, I have heard elders saying that the 
efficacy of any Japam done during the GrahaNa period gets enhanced 
infinitely. In fact, some SishTas used to go to the river and standing in hip 
deep waters used to perform Japam. However, I have not been able to locate 
any authority for this practice.